Aavegotchi Portal NFTs Sold Out in 1 Minute

aavegotchi polygon portal launch

Gone in sixty seconds is a decent action move, and it exactly describes the hype surrounding the Aavegotchi portal sale. Players need these portal NFTs to summon an Aavegotchi ghost, and 10.000 sold out within a minute this week. The pixel ghosts these portals summon are hot commodities in the NFT space.

Gamers, investors, users, whatever you want to call the Aavegotchi holders, spent more than $5.5 million on these pixelated ghosts. These pixel ghosts can wear cute outfits, but the coolest thing is that they are backed by money.

Users need to stake aToken in these ghosts, ranging in value from $10 to $1000. While that money is locked away, they will earn rewards. So basically that cute pixel ghost is a DeFi product that you can dress up in a crazy outfit. There’s a marketplace to find those wearables.

The success of Aavegotchi is again good news for Matic, or we should say Polygon. The Ethereum-compatible alternative has been positioning itself as the best solution for Ethereum’s gas fee problems. Neon District, Doki Doki Finance, Cometh and others have already made the transition. In addition upcoming projects like Doctor Who: Worlds Apart and Ember Sword will incorporate the layer-2 solution as well.

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