DeFi Game Cometh Launching on Matic Network

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DeFi gaming product Cometh is launching its first version on the Matic Network. They’ve launched a Cometh Bridge to transfer NFTs over from Ethereum to the Matic Network. The developers have even been teasing a potential collaboration with Aavegotchi, which will also launch on Matic this Monday.

Cometh will launch its product on Matic at 4PM UTC. The easiest way to interact with Matic is through Metamask in your desktop browser. After that you need to add a Custom RPC for Matic Mainnet. Cometh has written a guide, if the details below aren’t enough to get things working.

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At the moment there are 1337 space ships on Ethereum, while the ETH/MUST pool has a value of 4.8 million dollars. In Cometh players need to have a spaceship NFT, and use that spaceship to acquire MUST tokens. You can see this as gamified yield farming. Both MUST tokens and NFT spaceships need to be teleported over to the Matic Network. All game interactions are paid in MUST as well.

What is Cometh?

Cometh is a space game, but above all it’s gamified DeFi product. They describe themselves as a ‘DeFi powered game with yield generating NFT’. Active players can mine MUST tokens using their spaceships. After that a share of all NFT sales will move back into the game as rewards from asteroids. 

Spaceship owners can also set a fee, that way other players need to pay to pull in yield. The default price to pull in yield is 0.01 MUST, and the minimum price is 0.001 MUST. On every pull, or yield attempt, you’ll pay a 5 percent fee. These fees will go back into new asteroids.

Every ship has unique characteristics. They can mine over a certain mining area, with a certain mining power. These two attributes determine the amount of resources you can gather. In addition each ship has a cooldown, which sets the waiting time between mining sessions. The developers of Cometh want to add extensions to the spaceships in the future, as players can to customize the radar, drill and machinery.

Players can earn spaceships NFTs by being a liquidity provider for the ETH/MUST pool. In addition players will find these spaceships on Opensea. The cheapest spaceship on the market right now is the Pathfinder. There are thousand versions of the ship, and it costs 0.096 ETHRead more about how Cometh works here.

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