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Doki Doki Finance Brings NFT Machines to Matic

doki doki finance degacha machines

Doki Doki Finance is bringing their DeFi meets NFT DeGacha vending machines to the Matic Network. This partnership will result in low costs for minting new NFTs, faster transactions and no gas fees to give the DeGacha machines a spin. However, some elements of their service will remain on the Ethereum blockchain, because ‘that’s where everybody is’.

Doki Doki Finance will move the creator’s dashboard to Matic. This makes it super cheap for DeGacha creators and clients to mint their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and place these digital assets in their personal Gachapon machines. This also means that the machines will move to Matic, making interactions a lot cheaper. In addition they will provide a bridge to move their native token AZUKI from Ethereum to Matic.

The one element that remains on the Ethereum blockchain, is their staking system. Doki Doki Finance uses Uniswap liquidity pools for their staking mechanics. “We hope to see Uni and other DEX’s pick up the mantle and move to L2 solutions this year”, the wrote hopefully.

DeGancha is a gamified NFT marketplace inspired by the Japanese Gachapon vending machines. Here players pay a flat fee to receive a random digital collectible or non-fungible token. The platform combines elements of decentralized finance with NFT collecting.

Why go from Ethereum to Matic?

Doki Doki Finance isn’t the only product moving from Ethereum to Matic. Almost on a daily basis we announce projects making a switch. The Ethereum blockchain can approve 25 transactions per second, when it’s busy to ones paying the most will be confirmed first. As a result users are now paying ten dollars for something that used to be 20 cents.

The Matic Network can take care of 65 thousand transactions per second. And in addition these transactions only cost a fraction of a cent. Confirmation of a transactions happens in mere seconds, and Matic Network is already supported by some of the most popular wallets, including Metamask and Arkane.

Gaming mixed with DeFi

Seeing Doki Doki Finance making a gamified experience that taps into their DeFi ecosystem, doesn’t come as a major surprise. It’s a trend that’s happening all across the blockchain ecosystem. Meme Token was one of the first to introduce the concept of NFT farming, allowing users to obtain rare digital art through their platform. Others followed, like COIN and

At the moment Aave and their Aavegotchi are at the pinnacle of gamified DeFi products. They are moving to the Matic Network to continue their business without having to worry about gas fees. The introduction of Doki Doki’s DeGacha arcade machines simply fits that profile.

It’s not even about financial products becoming games, but it also works the other way around. Games are becoming financial products. Just look at Axie Infinity, where people are making a living from playing the game, earning governance tokens and building a financial portfolio. In addition there are games like Alien Worlds, The Sandbox, and Neon District that potentially tap deep into the DeFi world to empower their users with decentralized finance.

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