Aavegotchi Guide: How to play, Features, Pros, and Cons 

Aavegotchi is a non-fungible token (NFT) game in which players play-to-earn (P2E) amazing rewards in the Aavegotchi metaverse. Gamers employ yielding avatars to farm and harvest the Aavegotchi ERC20 tokens called “Ghost” (GHST).

Quick facts

  • Aavegotchi is an NFT farming multiple-multiplayer-online RPG
  • The game is created on the Polygon blockchain network and is compatible with all web browsers
  • Gamers can merge Aavegotchi NFTs to get even higher utilities and rewards

Aavegotchi Review

What is Aavegotchi?

Aavegotchi is the first internet game to merge the potential of the NFT ecosystem and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

It was developed by Pixelcraft studios on the Polygon blockchain network. The game is centered on creating a metaverse in which you can design and decorate your Aavegotchi NFT avatars, machinery, and farmland parcels, based on your game strategy. It involves placing farming equipment on your metaverse to extract your time-generated ERC-20 tokens GHST bound to your land.

You can purchase more lands, improve your Aavegotchi avatar, and upgrade installations using the GHST tokens to earn a higher yield rate.

History of Aavegotchi

Gotchiverse was launched on the 31st of March 2022 by Pixelcraft Studios, Aavegotchi protocol, and Aave. Coder Dan, Jesse, and other team members founded it based on inspiration from the old Tamagotchi.

The founders built Aavegotchi by bringing in the concept of Ethereum blockchain technology, Polygon. The idea later made Aavegotchi the first ever play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse game to combine the NFT space and the DeFi ecosystem.

The game’s vision was to make known a new virtual world in which players can enjoy a fantastic story of farming and harvesting rewards. It is a gamut from the Farmville-type genre to the colonial expansion genre.

Gotchiverse has introduced a new P2E mechanism with four unique ERC-20 tokens called Gotchus Alchimica, representing Gotchiverse’s four elements. It is also a community game designed to allow over 5000 players to play and earn simultaneously in the metaverse while unlocking genuine assets ownership for all players.

How does Aavegotchi Work?

Founders made Aavegotchi on the idea of crafting an NFT in the form of farmland and deploying harvesters on the land to acquire digital assets.

You can earn more assets in the Gotchiverse by taking the time to take care of your parcel and enhance your Aavegotchi avatar. You can also rent out your Aavegotchis to other players to earn a percentage of their earnings without you doing any work on your Gotchiverse. That automatically makes you a Gotchi investor and CEO simultaneously.

There are several game modes on the Gotchiverse that you can play, namely Rarity farming and Mini-games. Rarity farming is a novel game mode that rewards thoughtful game players from other users through leaderboard competitions.

However, Mini-games involve exploring the Aavegotchi realm with friends and other Aavegotchi users. Examples of mini-games are the Aavegotchi fight club and cake-baking mini-games. Each game mode rewards players in GHST Tokens.

But to understand the concept of Aavegotchi, you need to understand every in-game facet and how they work together to allow you to earn massive rewards.

Aavegotchi Universe

The Aavegotchi universe encompasses all elements that allow Aavegotchi to operate. These include the Portal, AavegotchiDAO, and GHST utility token, amongst others:


Portal is the gateway between the Nether and Aether realms. The portal is the first part of the Gotchiverse you must purchase because you can’t summon Aavegotchi without the portal.

Aavegotchi Mall

The Mall is where you purchase all your wearables and consumables for your Aavegotchi.

Aavegotchi Baazaar

Baazaar is the marketplace where you can showcase your items for sale or buy new ones.


The AavegotchiDAO is a form of GHST token distribution event. Your decision to upgrade and decorate your Aavegotchis determines how many rewards you will earn. Note that the Aavegotchi community voting determines how prize distribution occurs.

GHST utility

The ghost token is the official token for the Aavegotchi ecosystem and the ticket that governs your gameplay in the Aavegotchi universe.

Aavegotchi Avatar

Aavegotchi pixelated ghosts are the premier Crypto pet of the Gotchiverse. The innovative aspect of these rare avatars is that when you purchase an Aavegotchi, you’re buying an NFT with the attribute of a piggy bank. Hence, if you pet your Aavegotchi, it will also take care of your finances.


Kinship is your Aavegotchi’s devotion towards you. It involves petting, changing the clothes, feeding, or equipping your Aavegotchis with unique characteristics. A fantastic role of Kinship is that it stores any upgrade as nonreversible On-chain transactions.


Alchemica is the Gotchiverse token that players play to earn. Flood, Fomo, Alpha and Keck tokens are the four elements of Alchemica. They perform the functions of crafting more rare NFTs that you can use to upgrade your assets within the game. The upgrade can include farm equipment, wearables, consumables, and display cases for your Aavegotchi NFTs.

Aavegotchi NFTs

Aavegotchi NFTs are in-game purchases that can be bought and sold on the external NFT marketplace called Rarible.

Aavegotchi cryptocurrency and tokens explained

Aavegotchi uses the GHST token as its official cryptocurrency, encouraging greater participation in the Aavegotchi ecosystem. In addition, it provides the economic incentives that help to align the goals of Aavegotchi holders, GHST holders, and AavegotchiDAO.

The Aavegotchi cryptocurrency and token approach to progressive yield rate are attractive to investors because it aims at balancing four purposes:

  • Ensure a solid foundation for the long-term value of the GHST token.
  • Reward active players and participants by creating a healthy play-to-earn ecosystem.
  • Provide continuous financial rewards to the developers of our amazing Aavegotchi game.
  • Create a treasure safe for AavegotchiDAO to use in rewarding players.

You can acquire GHST tokens by constantly playing and engaging in rarity farming, mini-games, and participating in AavegotchiDAO. The interesting fact about this is that you can select the method you love most or do the three simultaneously.

Raffle tickets, consumables, wearables, portals, Gotchiverse lands, Aavegotchis, and installation upgrades are varieties of assets that your GHST tokens can purchase. Amazingly, when you upgrade your products, the value of the GHST token you can earn within a specific period will increase.

Aavegotchi price

You can borrow an Aavegotchi to play for free. However, it costs 100 GHST and a miscellaneous additional collateral fee to own an Aavegotchi.

How to play Aavegotchi

You can participate in different activities and game modes such as mini-games, AavegotchiDAO, and rarity farming to enjoy the Aavegotchi game. Understanding the Gotchiverse will make you get ahead of others in the game to win massive rewards.

The game world

The Aavegotchi world is the Gotchiverse realm where the spirit of yield gamers enters the Nether and Aether Realm. The Gotchiverse has three distinct zones: the Beyond, the Grid, and the Citadel.

Aavegotchi review

The game characters

The game character in the Gotchiverse is the Aavegotchi, while the non-player characters are reservoirs, harvesters, and others. Aavegotchis possess six traits: Aggressiveness, Eye Color, Eye shape, Brain size, Spookiness, and Energy. The token logo on the head of your Aavegotchi (Spirit force) also influences their traits.

Aavegotchi review

Game mechanics

The core game mechanics of Aavegotchi is that you have to play within 24 hours to avoid losing points.

How to get ahead in the game

Participating well in the game is essential to getting ahead in the Gotchiverse. The more you pet your Aavegotchi, the more your Aavegotchi will work to give you financial liberation.

Game economics

Aavegotchi economics comprises how players upgrade and give attention to the Aavegotchi pet. It also involves the purchase of extra utilities and characters that will help increase the yield of farming in the Gotchiverse.

Tools used in the game

You can use various tools to get ahead in your pursuit of greatness in the Gotchiverse. However, some beneficial sites are Aavegotchi stats, Aadventure.io, Gotchidex, Fireball, and The Gotchi vault.

How to win

You can win by channeling Alchemica tokens through community rituals, farming your parcels, or competing with other players in mini-games.

How to install Aavegotchi

You don’t need to install an application. Instead, search it on your web browser and play.

How to earn money on Aavegotchi

Thanks to the founders of Aavegotchi, you can decide to start playing for free by borrowing an Aavegotchi or buying your Aavegotchi with 100 GHST tokens.

The profitable way to earn money on Aavegotchi is to craft installations and upgrade your Aavegotchi NFTs with your initial Alchemica tokens. Also, a scholarship allows participants to channel weekly by 10 am EST on Saturdays to get random rewards.

You can cash out your rewards by swapping on Quickswap and turning your Alchemica tokens to money by manually switching to Matic Aave USDC (maUSDC) before exchanging to any Matic Aave Token of your choice.

Pros and cons of Aavegotchi


  • Multiple passive earnings
  • Easy to have fun
  • Play for free


  • Considerable purchasing gas fees
  • Time-consuming gameplay
  • UI bugs

Pros Clarified

Multiple passive earnings

As mentioned earlier, you can earn passive incomes from Aavegotchi by being active in the Gotchiverse.

Easy to have fun

When there is a game that combines the NFT space with Finance, you’re sure to have the most exciting money-generating NFT game ever.

Play for free

Yes! You can play for free and still make money from Aavegotchi; however, you must fulfill some terms and conditions beforehand.

Cons Clarified

Considerable purchasing gas fees

Every purchase requires a minimum gas fee of 0.02 Matic tokens, which speeds up the rate of the transaction on the blockchain.

Time-consuming gameplay

Like all other NFT games, Aavegotchi requires you to spend more hours playing to win more rewards.

UI bugs

The massive growth in the Aavegotchi community has made some web scrapers design bugs as a scheme to replace the human factor and earn more. However, developers are constantly working to make Aavegotchi a fair game for everyone.

Getting started

As of today, Aavegotchi is a significant investment due to its steady increase in market capitalization. So it’s exclusively prudent for you to be a part of the Aavegotchi community.

Getting started on Aavegotchi is user-friendly, and the steps below will guide you on how to enjoy the game.

Step 1: Connect your Wallet

Aavegotchi review

  • Select your desired wallet from the list of grids.

Aavegotchi review

  • Approve the connection and fund your wallet.

Aavegotchi review

Step 2: Purchase your Aavegotchi

  • Enter your account and click on the “Baazaar” Icon.

Aavegotchi review

  • Filter the search based on your preference to determine the Aavegotchi of your choice.

Aavegotchi review

  • Purchase your first Gotchi.

Aavegotchi review

  • Go to your wallet and approve the transaction.

Aavegotchi review

  • To view your purchased Aavegotchi, go back to the homepage and click on the “Aavegotchi” button.

Aavegotchi review

Step 3: Aavegotchi Playtime

  • Click the “Play” button on the home interface.

Aavegotchi review

  • Enter the Gotchiverse by clicking on the “Gotchiverse” button.

Aavegotchi review

  • Click “Enter parcel” to select your Gotchiverse.

Aavegotchi review

  • Congratulations on entering your Gotchiverse.

Aavegotchi review

Step 4: Build on your Parcel

  • Purchase your first Alter.
  • Click on the “Craft table” button at the bottom right of your Gotchiverse, which looks like an Anvil.
  • Next is to click on the “Recipe book.”

Aavegotchi review

  • Then you select your desired Alter and craft.

Aavegotchi review

  • Now that you have purchased your Alter, click on the “Inventory” icon, which looks like a backpack, next to the craft table icon to check your purchased items.
  • Click on the “Hammer” icon, which is the build mode, to finalize and place your Alter on your parcel.
  • Purchase your first Harvester and Reservoir.
  • You purchase both by clicking on the “Craft table” and opening the “Recipe book.”

Aavegotchi review

  • Select the Fomo Reservoir and Harvester.

Aavegotchi review

  • Go to the “Build mode” to place your purchased items on your parcel.

Aavegotchi review

  • Now you can start earning Alchemica tokens by interacting with your Gotchiverse.


Is Aavegotchi a good investment?

According to the Aavegotchi forecast, it’s promising. However, like with any investment, nothing is certain, it can be risky, and you could lose money.

How many Aavegotchi are there?

As of now, there are 10,000 Aavegotchi NFTs available for purchase.

What is the Aavegotchi NFT?

The Aavegotchi NFT is used to interact and explore the Gotchiverse.

Aavegotchi Game Info

  • Genre: NFT farming multiple-multiplayer-online RPG
  • Free to Play: No
  • Platform(s): Web browsers
  • Blockchain(s): Polygon
  • Token(s): GHST
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