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MegaCryptoPolis World Demo Coming Soon

MegaCRyptoPolis world apartment custom building NFT interior

MegaCryptoPolis will show a demo version of their upcoming World update in two weeks. The development team has their eyes set on March 15th. This update will allow players to create custom interiors for their unique buildings, while they can also enter those buildings with their citizen game characters.

Every new player will get a tiny apartment in the main tower. However, these apartments come with limitations. So if you like it, you can move out and find a place for your own. The demo will only feature the Main Tower Lobby, the Mayor’s Office and players can check how NFTs will show inside the buildings.

However, the World update will be a lot more than just that bit they will show in the demo. The development team describes the update for MegaCryptoPolis as a transformation to a metaverse. Interiors will be an important part of that. Players will for example be able to showcase NFT artworks or crypto art in their apartments. They can also sell items, offer services and just use their virtual home for social gatherings.

On a side note, MegaCryptoPolis just completed their migration from Tron the the Polygon blockchain. Now the economies of the Ethereum and Tron versions of the city building game come together on the Polygon blockchain, formerly known as Matic.

Buildings, blocks and apartments

A custom building consists out of blocks. Each block can have its own unique interior. The size of this interior obviously depends on the size of the blocks. There are small blocks (6×6), huge ones (24×12) and mega sized blocks (36×36). Building owners can create several apartments in a building, renting them to other players. Access to these apartments can be public, private or limited through key ownership.

Inside these apartments players can use three types of objects, or NFTs, to decorate things. There will be digital collectible items that serve as decoration, ranging from furniture to a statue. There will also be functional objects, like a piano to add music to your home, or an easel to draw and mint NFT paintings. Last, but definitely not least, will be the metaverse objects. Those are the NFTs from outside the world of MegaCryptoPolis, like your favorite crypto art or one of the Cryptokitties.

Just to be clear, a Custom Building doesn’t NEED to be an apartment. Players can also make an art gallery, a car dealership (yes, factories can make cars that you can use in this game), furniture store, clothing store and so on. Players can create all kinds of objects by combining resources, putting them onto a workbench and then mint a new NFT.

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What is MegaCryptoPolis?

You could compare MegaCryptoPolis with a game like Simcity, however it also has elements from The Sims in it. Players can own houses, offices, and factories. Citizens need jobs, jobs need employees, factories produces resources, and so on. All these digital assets are important for the MegaCryptoPolis ecosystem.

In addition the team is planning to add interior apartments to the game. This would mean that player-owned characters would have their own home, which could be decorate with furniture and electronics. These will also be ERC-721 or TRC20 tokens, which in turn need to be produced by factories, requiring resources, workers, transport and so on.

Currently MegaCryptoPolis is only playable in a web browser, both on desktop and mobile. In addition the team is working on a standalone client, a mobile app, interoperability between Tron, Polygon and Ethereum and more unique buildings that players can design themselves using building blocks.

MegaCryptoPolis isn’t a new game. The game already allows players to earn money by trading and being active. In the past two years gamers have withdrawn 4.5 million dollars of value from the game’s smart contracts. We’re talking about 8000 ETH and 45 million TRX.

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