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Gamers Can Claim Garage Ownership War Riders

area 721 war riders garage

Any gamer with at least one ERC-721 token in their wallet prior to November 1st this year, can claim a share of ownership of the Area 721 garage in War Riders. This is one of the ten genesis garages in the Genesis Wasteland map that generates passive income for the owners. War Riders is available to download on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Any gamer who connects their Ethereum wallet and logs in to the game, gets a share of the Area 721 garage. The developers created the virtual location inside War Riders as a hommage to the NFT community. There are 100 thousand tokens that represent ownership over it, and each gamer can claim 80 tokens.

The number of tokens you receive as an historical NFT owner will deplete over time. In December gamers can claim 80 tokens, but in January this will reduce to 40. In Februari they can still claim 20 tokens, while March only gives you ten. The distribution will continue until it reaches the hard cap of 100.000 tokens. Game studio Cartified will also distribute ownership tokens based on community invites into their Discord channel.

Keep in mind that this deal only counts for users with ERC-721 tokens in their wallet prior to November 1st. Games that use ERC-721 tokens are for example Blocklete Golf, The Sandbox, Decentraland, Gods Unchained and our very own PLAY Membership tokens.

Community-owned garages

In Oktober Cartified Inc announced their plans for the community ownership over the in-game locations. Players who owned premium vehicles would get ownership tokens over certain garages. By giving players ownership over the garages, Cartified wants to open up the use of these garages. Players will get ownership tokens, which will give a percentage of ownership over the garage. 

For now the ownership tokens tie in with an account. Therefore gamers can’t transfer these tokens yet. Ownership is likely to be tokenized in the near future.

It’s very possible that some garages have higher entrance fees. These pricing decisions will be made by the owners. However, players who enjoy the world of War Riders, don’t need to pay every time they park their vehicle. They can always find a free spot to park their vehicles in the Central Garage.

Ownership over virtual businesses

Thanks to the power of the blockchain, it’s possible to identity a gamer as the sole individual over a certain asset. This asset can be a vehicle or a sword, but also a piece of land or a garage. Generation passive income through ownership is something we’re seeing in multiple blockchain-powered games.

League of Kingdoms does this by giving ten percent of all income to landowners. In addition Garage Studios allows players to put their space ships up for rent in Dissolution. In the upcoming game Mirandus players can own a tavern or a castle, which provides protection and offers services to visitors. This would be another example of passive income through digital ownership.

What is War Riders?

War Riders is a vehicular massively multiplayer online action game. In this game players own their own vehicle, which they can expand by acquiring resources. They can even own an entire army of vehicles. However, the world of War Riders is harsh. The wastelands don’t pity the weak. Factions battle for control over resources, and competitive gameplay is at the core of this game.

Players use their vehicle to mine Benzene (BZN) or steal it from other players. Become the most powerful and wealthy army by expanding your garage locations, buying better weapons, and killing for influence. Offer protection to other players and earn money.

War Riders seeks to be fully transparent about the token economics. No BZN tokens will be offered for sale. Instead, the majority of the tokens will be released during the in-game mining process. The more vehicles a player owns, the more he earns. Benzene’s pool will eventually deflate. Every time a player buys something with BZN from the marketplace, 30% of tokens used in the transaction will burn. the rest will go back to the mining pool.

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