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League of Kingdoms Landowners Earned $12.000 in Rewards

League of Kingdoms DAI rewards

In a little bit more than one month since the League of Kingdoms beta launched, game studio Nplus Entertainment has handed out 12 thousand dollars in revenue rewards to landowners. These rewards are paid daily using DAI. In the past 24 hours the studio paid 425 DAI in rewards distributed between all 557 LOKL token holders.

The rewards for League of Kingdoms landowners are 10 percent of the game’s revenue. This suggests that League of Kingdoms made 120.000 dollars in revenue since it launched in beta last month. On average the daily payout is more than 320 dollars.

The studio makes money from in-game purchases and land sales. However, land sales are currently not active. Players can buy all kinds of packs containing in-game resources. Ten percent of that revenue goes back to the landowner community.

Play-to-earn mechanic

League of Kingdoms doesn’t only benefit user who have purchases virtual land. Players who don’t have land can also make money from gathering resources, minting them onto the blockchain and selling them on Opensea. Currently a bundle of 40 million resources costs 0.004 ETH, but the Ethereum gas fees add another 60 dollars to that. So it’s not worth it at the moment.

In addition virtual land is also a commodity that players can trade. The most expensive land asset costs 15 ETH and generated over 60 dollars in revenue in a month. When League of Kingdoms grow, more servers will be opened and those revenue amounts potentially multiply. Landowners own the same land coordinates on each server.

What is League of Kingdoms?

League of Kingdoms is a multiplayer online strategy game for Android, iOS and PC. The version for mobile devices was released just two weeks ago. Players need to work together by making their alliance more powerful. Each players rules their own kingdom. In addition players are free to buy virtual land and generate passive income by developing that land.

The world of League of Kingdoms is filled with resource gathering and conflict. Alliances fight over resources and especially over control. Everybody wants to own a Shrine, which can be conquered during special events. The result is a war in which everybody is battling. Soldiers will perish.

There are plans to also release League of Kingdoms on other blockchains. However, currently the game only works on Ethereum. Give it a try!

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