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War Riders Moves to Immutable X

war riders immutable x minting

The open-world action game War Riders will use Immutable X to give players an experience without Ethereum gas fees. Gamers will be able to trade and mint new assets, without ever paying for that. Immutable announced the partnership with developer Cartified earlier this week.

Immutable X is a so-called layer-2 solution, which is technically a layer on top of another blockchain. However, Immutable X uses a technology that taps directly into the security of the Ethereum blockchain. It’s therefore not its own blockchain, but a smart layer that circumvents lots of the congestion on Ethereum. The development studio, which is also working on the trading card game Gods Unchained, prides itself in the fact that their solution still taps into the security and openness of the Ethereum blockchain.

In the announcement blog Cartified also mentioned some dates. They hope to launch the first sales on Immutable X before the end of March 2021. This would mean that also Gods Unchained could benefit from the availability of Immutable X. This is something they already predicted in January.

For War Riders it makes a lot of sense to embrace a layer-2 solution like Immutable X. The game has players battling for resources, and claiming those resources on Ethereum can now cost twenty, fifty or even one hundred dollars. That simply makes no sense if you want to claim a 2 dollar item. In the game players can also own a garage, which allows them to become a part of the game’s economy.

What is War Riders?

War Riders is a vehicular massively multiplayer online action game. In this game players own their own vehicle, which they can expand by acquiring resources. They can even own an entire army of vehicles. However, the world of War Riders is harsh. The wastelands don’t pity the weak. Factions battle for control over resources, and competitive gameplay is at the core of this game.

Players use their vehicle to mine Benzene (BZN) or steal it from other players. Become the most powerful and wealthy army by expanding your garage locations, buying better weapons, and killing for influence. Offer protection to other players and earn money.

War Riders seeks to be fully transparent about the token economics. No BZN tokens will be offered for sale. Instead, the majority of the tokens will be released during the in-game mining process. The more vehicles a player owns, the more he earns. Benzene’s pool will eventually deflate. Every time a player buys something with BZN from the marketplace, 30% of tokens used in the transaction will burn. the rest will go back to the mining pool.

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