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Limited Edition Ships Coming to Dissolution

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Garage Studios has announced the sale of limited edition space ships for their game Dissolution starting on Saturday August 1st. Players who want to travel through the universe need to lease a spaceship, meaning that owners earn passive income on their property. Garage Studios labeled the sale as ‘small’, but hasn’t provided any details yet.

Dissolution started as an online first person shooter, but recently shifted its focus on a more singleplayer experience. Players will need to travel to galaxy to obtain resources. However, there’s an economy in the background that’s completely player-driven. That’s obviously where leasing the space ships comes into place.

Last week Dissolution’s CTO Adam MacDonald announced plans to allow gamers to mine all resources to build a space ship. At the core of this entire system, is a game mechanic that the developers have called ‘space mining’. Gamers need to jump into their spaceship, fly into space and find minerals.

However, before you build a space ship you will first need to lease one. That’s where these limited edition Dissolution space ships come into place. Players who own 20 Dissolution Founder Tokens (DFT) are able to get a first glimpse of the new version of Dissolution. All other gamers need to wait until August 7th.

The Dissolution overhaul

Earlier this month Garage Studios announced their plans to completely overhaul Dissolution. The game will no longer be a multiplayer online FPS, and it will no longer run on the Enjin Platform. The developer believe sharding is a serious problem for both Enjin and the Ethereum blockchain. It creates complexities between smart contract interactions, and that brings more room for error. Garage Studios wants to be pro-active.

Instead Dissolution will offer a singleplayer gameplay experience with an multiplayer-driven online economy. Players work for a corporation. They are able to obtain a salary. Territory controlled by the corporation is a free-mining area for its employees. However, outsiders need to pay taxes to mine there.

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