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Investment Money Moving into Digital Assets

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The hype surrounding digital assets doesn’t stop at collectors as investment money from institutions is flowing into the market. Delphi Digital just spent 166 thousand dollars on the acquisition of four rare creatures from the game Axie Infinity. Their investment of 473.75 ETH into the NFT space is a sign of things to come, according to trendwatcher Andrew Steinwold.

Steinwold, who’s also the owner of an upcoming investment firm called Sfermion, emphasizes his content with an investment of this size directly into non-fungible tokens. “I think things are about to get really interesting”, he tweeted after the news broke out.

The investment by Delphi Digital doesn’t stand on its own. Earlier this week Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, underlined his ambition to invest in the NFT space. He’s specifically aiming at the digital art space and acquired works from artists like Hackatao, Trevor Jones and Fewocious.

Digital assets trading volume

The hype surrounding non-fungible tokens doesn’t only come from big time investors with lots of money. It’s something that’s happening across the board. Fantasy football game Sorare has systematically been performing well, without ever really showing a dip. Since this Spring they have had a trading volume of 2.3 million dollars.

At the same time digital art and virtual land have proven to be solid investments. The cheapest Cryptopunks now cost one thousand dollars, but were once distributed for free. The cheapest land parcel in The Sandbox is now 100 dollars, up at least 100 percent from its pre-sale price. The list with examples continuous.

Since June 2020 the market for crypto art slowly started increasing its volume. Data from suggests that on June 1st there was 15 thousand dollars of trading volume in the art segment. Now we’re in September and the daily trading volume is fluctuating around 100 thousand dollars.

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