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Fatal Run and Night Driver Join REVV Token Ecosystem

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Atari and Animoca Brands have announced that both Fatal Run and Night Driver will become part of the REVV token ecosystem. Players will be able to use the REVV token in updated versions of these racing classics and Animoca’s own licensed racing games, like for example F1 Delta Time. They announced the next step in their partnership this Tuesday.

Fatal Run and Night Driver are both classic brands that made their first appearance on the old school Atari consoles from the 80s. Despite a release on smartphones, both series have been forgotten by the bigger audience. Animoca Brands didn’t announce any details on how and when they want to add Fatal Run and Night Driver to their ecosystem.

The REVV token is the core behind the in-game economy of several racing games. Players already use and earn the token in F1 Delta Time. In addition Animoca Brands is working on a MotoGP game and an unannounced licensed racing game.

Besides bringing Fatal Run and Night Driver to the blockchain and into the REVV ecosystem, the collaboration between Atari and Animoca Brands also became financial. They swapped tokens. Animoca is getting 625 thousand dollars worth of ATRI tokens, while Atari now how 625 thousand dollars of REVV. These tokens will stay locked away for a while, as part of the deal.

What is REVV token?

REVV is a so-called ERC-20 token used inside F1 Delta Time. This means that it’s basically a cryptocurrency. There’s a total supply of 3 billion REVV on the market, and Animoca Brands will be using 500 million for F1 Delta Time. They will use this amount for all kinds of in-game activities, ranging from staking rewards, and game operations, all the way to marketing and promotions.

Players can use REVV for purchases and in-game activities. They for example need to pay an entry fee to join in F1 Delta Time’s game modes. In addition they can stake the token and earn in-game assets that way, while they can also stake game assets. This will earn the gamers REVV.

Players who own digital car parts or drivers, can earn REVV by staking them. This would allow other gamers to use their assets. In addition the REVV token is needed to maintain the quality of certain items, like for example the tires.

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