The Sandbox Confirmed for Play to Earn Game Festival

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The virtual gaming world of The Sandbox will have a presence at the Play to Earn Game Festival this November. Visitors of the virtual game event can learn about The Sandbox and its versatile game economy that’s all about player empowerment. The Play to Earn Game Festival will commence on November 2nd.

The presence of The Sandbox at the Play to Earn Game Festival seems like a logical one. The festival is all about teaching gamers and enthusiasts about in-game economies and player empowerment, and those are two features that truly represent what The Sandbox is all about.

Players in The Sandbox earn SAND for their in-game activity, while landowners can add different revenue streams to their land. Think about selling entrance tickets, virtual clothing or letting gamers pay for a play session. Everything in The Sandbox is run by its community, from the games to the art galleries and social gatherings.

“It’s great to connect with a project like The Sandbox. They are all about crossing boundaries and connecting with communities. Their presence at the Play to Earn Game Festival emphasizes that”, said Robert Hoogendoorn, owner of Play to Earn.

“No way we could have missed it! We’re really glad to be an active participant in the very first Play to Earn Game Festival. The Sandbox team has been continuously striving to build a gaming platform that empowers players and creators, with at his core a play-to-earn economic loop. We will be making this a memorable event and contribute to increasing the awareness and adoption of play-to-earn”, said Sebastien Borget, COO & co-founder at The Sandbox.

About Play to Earn Game Festival

The Play to Earn Game Festival is powered by the upcoming trading card game Synergy of Serra. The event is the very first gaming convention taking place in the metaverse. Gamers and enthusiast will be able to visit the event in virtual reality. They can use for example computers, smartphones and VR headsets. At the event they will see new and upcoming games that embrace the concept of play-to-earn, while enjoying video game art.

The Play to Earn Game Festival takes place from November 2nd until November 6th. However, the organization is likely to extend the event based on demand from within the industry. The virtual event is free to visit, provides tons of valuable information and let’s visitors join in different raffles. So Follow Play to Earn Online Magazine on Twitter, Discord, and Substack to stay up-to-date and don’t miss out.

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