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Location-based Mobile Game Crosslink Powered by IOST

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Crosslink is a new location-based mobile game that uses the IOST blockchain for player-owned digital assets. The role playing game is available on iOS and Android and allows players to summon heroes and battle enemies both in the physical and virtual world. Gamers will definitely need to go outside for this GPS-based game!

Players need to connect their virtual hero to the GPS of their smartphone. That way they need to take their hero to an in-game destination while fighting enemies and earning items and equipment. Players can automate combat or choose to control it themselves.

The game stores all digital assets as non-fungible tokens on the IOST blockchain. Development studio Platinum Egg has created a token protocol that’s very similar to ERC-721 on the Ethereum blockchain. As a result players will be able to trade their in-game weapons or virtual land. The system for selling these digital assets is still under development.

Download Crosslink for Android or iOS.

What are Non-Fungible Tokens?

A non-fungible token can’t be swapped one-on-one with another non-fungible token. It represents something unique. That’s why non-fungible tokens can be best compared with rare art, an owned house or a signed mint edition of a certain comic book. These products are unique and in the same way a non-fungible token is unique as well. This gives non-fungible tokens also an unique value that only represents that one specific token.

A non-fungible tokens always represents ownership. From that perspective you could say it’s a contract between the game and the gamer, between art and the collector, or between an event and the visitor. This contract states that the owner, as defined by the token, is the only one who has a certain asset. Because of this ownership the gamer can use an in-game item, the collector has 100% ownership over art, or the festival visitor can get access to the event. Read more about NFTs in our in-depth article.

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