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Faraland Bringing Turn-Based RPG to Mobile Devices

Faraland BSC RPG FARA token mobile

Development studio Moonknight Labs wants to bring turn-based RPG combat to its game Faraland, while also launching on mobile devices before the end of the year. The Binance Smart Chain-powered game already allows players to buy NFT heroes, but it has a whole lot more up its sleeve.

It’s safe to say that Faraland still has a long way to go. They are building a hero-centric online role playing game in which the player follows a branching story path. They need to push the limits of their heroes in order to find great rewards. But for now gameplay is very limited. By the end of the year Faraland will be on mobile devices, both Android and iOS.

Faraland has been making some noise on Twitter, which made me dive into their ecosystem. Let me write a bit about what I learned so far.

You can acquire heroes now

Faraland is a NFT-powered role playing game with DeFi mechanics. Users can buy an NFT hero using BNB, and then stake the native token FARA on it to earn more tokens.

At the moment users have purchased all 20,000 heroes already, and therefore users need to rely on the secondary market. The cheapest heroes cost 0.8 BNB, or roughly $385. Humans are the cheapest heroes, while Angels and Demons are by far the most expensive. The floor price on a demon is 66 BNB or $31,000, while the cheapest angel will cost you 75 BNB or $36,000.

Users can use their FARA token earnings from staking to purchase more heroes, or perhaps to use the Gacha. For 5 FARA they can roll, and hope to find a rare item. At the moment their are still more than 96,000 items left, giving users enough opportunity to find items. By owning 2, 4 or 6 items from a set, hero characters will get bonus stats. For example, having two items from the Talhoffer set will give heroes +3 strength. Do they have four items, then the hero will get an additional +2 evade, +4 speed, +5 magical defense, and +15 physical defense.

Where is Faraland going

Faraland uses NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain to give players ownership over heroes, their armor and weapons. Players can find orcs, humans, angels, demons, dragonborn, elves and fairies, and each of them as their own pros and cons. Collecting these is one element of Faraland, but ultimately it will become a multiplayer role playing game. Players need to combat enemies and each other, and they can then profit from their battles.

From now until November, the development team wants to introduce a variety of new features to the game, including the option to enhance items and sell equipment on the marketplace. One of the first gameplay mechanics will be a passive gameplay feature to send a hero on an expedition. The real gameplay will happen in December, when the developers want to launch the turn-based strategy combat. In addition they want to launch Faraland on iOS and Android.

Furthermore, Moonknight Labs wants to introduce land-based gameplay, a world map, monsters, and a camping system. However, this is planned for early 2022. During the Spring of next year they will introduce more features, like guild battles, wars between nations over resources, and a pet system. Pet owners will also be able to breed and evolve their pets, adding a Pokémon element to Faraland.

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