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Voxies NFT Collectibles Becoming Turn-Based RPG

voxies NFT collectibles

Voxies might look like another NFT collectible project on the blockchain, but the creators have leaked that there’s also a turn-based RPG gaming mechanic behind the project. Details about the gameplay have not been revealed yet, but the Voxies team did show several videos of their gameplay.

In the modern day realm of NFT collectibles there’s a lot of crap (yes, I said it), and that’s why it’s great that Voxies shows things can be different. The project launched earlier this month as a bunch of ‘collectible 3D voxel buddies’, but now they revealed plans to add game mechanics to them. Voxies will become a turn-based role playing game in style of Final Fantasy Tactics or Advance Wars.

Each character has random properties making them unique, and sometimes making them very rare as well. Among the properties are traits like strength, dexterity, intelligence, luck, armor and movement. Currently the team is just selling their character, priced at 0.04 ETH per Voxie. There’s a bonding curve, and the price will double when 1500 Voxies have been sold. So far they have sold 1283 Voxies.

The development team hasn’t mentioned a details about their gameplay yet. But videos on the Voxies website reveal a lot about the turn-based RPG. Players can level up every character, probably unlocking more powers and features. Players have the choice to make their character perform an action, equip an item, move around the map or simply wait a turn. Items like weapons and shields can enhance the character traits, adding extra power or armor. Before a battle starts, players can place their characters on the map. That way melee and tank characters can block enemies from for example reaching the long-range attackers.

Whether you like the style of not. Whether you like the gameplay or not. I think it’s amazing to see an NFT collectible project becoming more than just that. Building a game around their collectibles will add value and utility. I’m curious to see where this will go.

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