Voxel Architects to Build Metalympics Campus

metalympics campus mock-up voxel architects

As if the Avastars Arena wasn’t enough, the team behind Voxel Architects is going to revamp the entire Metalympics Campus. Leaked footage shows huge watertanks and dressing booths among other constructions. It looks like the Avastars Arena itself remains unchanged.

The Avastars Arena remains an important part of the campus. However, giant water tanks have become another eye-catcher. It’s likely that professional athletes will be swimming here together with some killer whales. In the bottom left of the leaked footage, you can clearly see all kinds of dressing booths. While a sacred hill in a nice botanical garden splits the dressing arena from the arena.

We already known about the Cryptovoxels Obstacle Course inside the Avastars Arena. But what other sports will we be able to compete in? What are these builders up to? Voxel Architects has created the Roman Amphitheatre owned by Token Smart, the Whale Mansion and the Crypto Motors showroom.

However, I’ve already seen reports in which M.U.C.U.S., the Metaverse Union for Construction Under Supervision, has expressed concerns. They are worried that builders will be working over time, because there’s simply not enough time to finish the construction. The Metalympics are bound the commence on November 5th, and we will be keeping an close eye on this incredible sports event.

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