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Skill-based PVP Game Ethernal Gladiators Coming to Enjin

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Blockchain gaming company Enjin has welcomed Ethernal Gladiators, a cross-chain PVP action role playing game, to its ecosystem. The gladiator game will launch in early 2022 on Enjin’s Jumpnet sidechain solution, and will also come embrace Efinity at a later stage.

Ethernal Gladiators rewards players based on their skills, and rewards consist of NFTs. Of course, as these NFTs are part of the Enjin ecosystem, each of those assets is backed by ENJ tokens. Even if the NFT turns out useless in the game, you can still destroy it to unlock the ENJ tokens inside.

With Ethernal Gladiators the developers of Evalk International want to double down on the play-to-earn revolution taking place. They consider free transactions crucial for the user experience, and therefore they partnered with Enjin and their blockchain solutions.

Each game item will be an NFT, ranging from weapons to the fighting characters. Each of those NFTs comes with unique properties, and some assets will be more rare than others. Of course, players can trade, sell, keep or burn their NFT items as they see fit.

Ethernal Gladiators will exist on Efinity, Jumpnet and Binance Smart Chain. Furthermore, the team will launch an Arena NFT marketplace before the end of the year. In Q1 2022 the developers want to launch their game in the Epic Game Store, which recently vowed to support NFT-powered games. First there will be a Gladiator presale happening soon.

The partnership of Ethernal Gladiators with Enjin is part of the Enjin Adopter Program. The blockchain ecosystem wants to support developers with marketing, funding, consulting, and tools, the help them embrace play-to-earn. It’s not without reason that Enjin recently announced a $100 million Efinity Metaverse Fund, in order to promote blockchain gaming.

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