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Action RPG Cede Enters Enjin Multiverse

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The strategic action role playing game Cede will join the Enjin ecosystem, allowing players to earn unique digital assets through farming and combat. The game has been in active development since 2015 by indie game studio Barehand LLC. Cede is currently in the late stages of pre-production and managed to raise 13 thousand dollars through crowdfunding.

The central gameplay mechanic is something the developers call combat farming. Players need to defeat monsters and they will burst into seeds. These seeds can then become plants that give the players all kinds of benefits and their battle against the monsters. Players will also have a farming hub where they can create their own crops using the right farming techniques. These plants can then be sold to other players. Cede uses the ERC-1155 protocol from Enjin for its digital assets.

In Cede players need to team up, create their unique set or weapons and armor, and then farm, fight and terraform the environments. The game will initially launch on PC with single- and multiplayer campaign modes and quests. Four players will be able to play cooperatively. Down the line Barehand also wants to create competitive esports modes.

Gamers can already buy starter sets with game items. Pricing for these seeds, which will summon plants obviously, starts at $3.50. However, the most expensive one is 25 dollars. In addition players can buy a Cede Founder’s Token for $100, which comes with a digital copy of the game and ‘many surprises’.

Enjin’s multiverse

Enjin is a gaming project on the Ethereum blockchain. They want to create a metaverse in which game items can be used in several games. They use their standardized ERC-1155 protocol for that, and that’s how Cede is part of the Enjin multiverse. Obviously Cede isn’t the only game, as there’s a whole range of games already using Enjin.

Over the weekend a mobile game called War of Ants launched on iOS and Android. In this PVP game players need to destroy each other’s leader, or steal the loot. In addition there’s been quite a lot of news surrounding the open world role playing game The Six Dragons, which is entirely built around the concept of loot and items with unique stats.

This summer Enjin organized an event in which players need to reach objectives in multiple games to ultimately earn themselves a cyborg robot. In total eight different games joined the quest. The quest through Enjin’s multiverse clearly showcased a system of interoperability across different games.

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