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War of Ants Now Available on iOS

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The mobile strategy game War of Ants is now available on iOS. Despite a few rejections over the past weeks, the development team managed to get the game passed Apple’s regulations. They released a beta version for Android devices back in September.

In its first week on Android, the game increased its player base with 1077 percent. More than one hundred people were playing War of Ants every day. With the release of the iOS version, War of Ants hopes to increase these numbers.

War of Ants is a competitive game in which players need to kill each others queen or steal the cargo. Players need to use their witz, because resources are limited. Each unit costs a certain amount of resources and his specific tasks. Thief Ants are only used to carrying the cargo, while others attack up close, fly in the air or have ranged attacks.

Each unit is backed by the ENJ-token, as the game is part of the Enjin multiverse. A special Founder’s Token can currently be bought for less than 9 dollars, which is the same price as the original sale. At the same time gamers can buy different units, like for example a Catapult Ant recently sold for 15 dollars. In addition a Red Carpenter will cost approximately six dollars, while a Killer Drone costs 31 dollars.

What is War of Ants?

The developers describe War of Ants as a real-time player-versus-player mobile strategy game. The units are backed by crypto on the Enjin platform. Using rare artifacts and their armies, players need to wage war against other ant colonies. The goal is to either kill the opponent’s queen or steal the cargo.

In the future the team is planning the Colony Mode, which allows players to build an empire. Players will need to harvest resources, battle enemies and craft items in order to grow their power.

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