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Dissolution Moves Away from Enjin

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Garage Studios has decided to no longer use the Enjin platform for their blockchain game Dissolution. According to the developers their vision for blockchain gaming doesn’t align with Enjin’s. That’s why they will be experimenting with new ways to implement non-fungible tokens.

The developer believe sharding is a serious problem for both Enjin and the Ethereum blockchain. It creates complexities between smart contract interactions, and that brings more room for error. Garage Studios wants to be pro-active.

For the time being the studio will deploy their own ERC-1155 contract. Players who have Dissolution items can swap them by sending the Enjin items to this address: 0x41D47BBb37e038eBf8c1Dee0cf535a90E038A60c. The new items will automatically be send back.

Currently the team is making Dissolution into an MMO. They describe this as the last and longest phase of their development process. The game will get factions and territory. Players can even own land by gaining enough control points, which will allow the owning faction to claim taxes. In addition the team is working on different space ships and a system for mining resources.

Complete overhaul for Dissolution

The fact that Garage Studios is stepping away from Enjin doesn’t come as a complete surprise. Two weeks ago the studio announced a complete overhaul for the blockchain game. They’ve taken the servers offline, and slowly they will bring back the game in the hands of their community. Access to the new version is dependent on users holding Dissolution Founder Tokens.

Players will need at least 20 Dissolution Founder Tokens. This DFT-token provides in-game bonuses, like for example experience and loyalty points. Each DFT gives the player a one percent bonus, capped at 300 percent. There will also be guild bonuses. These will give DFT holders financial benefits based on their holdings. There’s a cap of 100 thousand founder tokens.

The cheapest Dissolution Founders’ Token is currently priced 29.9 ENJ on the EnjinX marketplace. That’s a few cents over 5 dollars per DFT. Getting access to the early version of Dissolution will cost a gamer at least 100 dollars.

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