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BMW Rumored Partnership With Enjin

BMW Series 8 Enjin art header

German car company BMW has allegedly partnered with blockchain gaming platform Enjin. The upcoming BMW Vantage app has the ENJ token integrated according to a South Korean tech blog. Users will be able to earn BMW Coin as a reward for all kinds of tasks, and this coin can then be exchanged for Enjin.

Consumers don’t need to own a BMW car to use the app, even though car ownership will come with some benefits. For example, users will be able to use BMW Coin to pay for gas or parking fees. Comparable with airmiles there are also all kinds of rewards for dining and shopping.

The BMW Vantage app is currently in a testing phase. According to car dealers and employees have already downloaded the app. Whether there will be actual utility for Enjin inside the BMW app or merely a way to cash out, isn’t very clear.

Enjin could use some good news

Even though Enjin has recently organized a cool treasure hunt across different games in their ecosystem, the blockchain gaming project has some problems. Recent gas prices on the Ethereum blockchain make it difficult to play games properly. Dissolution moved away from Enjin and announced their own layer-2 solution, while The Six Dragons came up with another solution involving off-chain gameplay.

Thankfully there’s also some positive news coming from their headquarters. First of all the platform recently announced the first NFT Awards. In addition games like Age of Rust, Space Misfits, 9Lives Arena and Lost Relics are still under development. At the same time Enjin itself is working on a scaling solution called Efinity.

Explanation about the Enjin Multiverse

Enjin is a platform on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It promotes interoperability between games, and that way it’s creating a metaverse. Games that use the Enjin Platform often support each others in-game assets. For example, gamers can use a certain weapon in multiple games.

This doesn’t only serve as a benefit for gamers. This technology also becomes a marketing tool for developers. By using assets from a certain game, they can appeal to a certain community. A creator making a role playing game, could use assets from games like The Six Dragons to appeal to a bigger audience.

Every player logs in to a game using their own Enjin wallet. This cryptographic passport stores the player’s items, which in turn are used by different games to identify the player. Players can obtain special outfits, exclusive access and more when they have certain digital assets in their wallets.

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