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Enjin Created Quest Through Multiple Games

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Enjin has organized a quest that requires gamers to reach objectives in different games and acquire digital items to create a cyborg robot. This little robot can then in turn be used in each of the participating games as for example a playable character, a companion character or a vendor. The event takes place during the first two weeks of August.

Eight different games have joined the quest that allows gamers to create the Swissborg Cyborg. From August 3rd until August 8th players can acquire the different body parts from different games. The head can be found inside Grasshopper Farm, Kingdom Karnage and MyMetaverse, the torso inside Forest Knight and Min-Mins, while the legs are located in Bitcoin Hodler and The Six Dragons.

During the second week players need to find a Decryption Device inside the dungeon crawler Lost Relics. To be able to start the quest for the device, players will need the torso, legs and head inside their Enjin wallets. You can find a nice quest guide written by Nhinestreams. In case you need some help.

Explanation about the Enjin Multiverse

Enjin is a platform on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It promotes interoperability between games, and that way it’s creating a metaverse. Games that use the Enjin Platform often support each others in-game assets. For example, gamers can use a certain weapon in multiple games.

This doesn’t only serve as a benefit for gamers. This technology also becomes a marketing tool for developers. By using assets from a certain game, they can appeal to a certain community. A creator making a role playing game, could use assets from games like The Six Dragons to appeal to a bigger audience.

Every player logs in to a game using their own Enjin wallet. This cryptographic passport stores the player’s items, which in turn are used by different games to identify the player. Players can obtain special outfits, exclusive access and more when they have certain digital assets in their wallets.

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