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Competitors Caught Practicing on Metalympics Obstacle Course

metalympics sandymeows obstacle course practice

Details about the Metalympics haven’t been revealed yet, and yet the competition is already heating up with some unofficial practicing sessions. Play to Earn caught a couple of trespassers in the Avastars Arena and was able to ask one of them some questions. Why are they training already? Does this give them an edge over the competition? We needed to find out!

Even before the dates for the Metalympics and its different competitions have been set in stone, there’s a lot of work to be done on the construction. There will be a major stadium which you can already visit, and inside it there will be an obstacle course. This is one of the first forms of gamification inside the world of Cryptovoxels, and Play to Earn caught Sandymeows practising.

She was running through the course like a real pro, therefore we asked her opinion about the obstacle course. “It’s too easy for my own good”, she replied. “But sometimes I lost track… of the track. Some arrows to point the competitors into the right direction would be nice.”

What types of changes the organization of the Metalympics will apply to the obstacle course, remains to be seen. However, it is very certain that construction is far from done. Co-organizer Rizzle already labeled Sandy’s efforts as a ‘dry run’, suggesting that there will be changes in for example the obstacle design.

Eternal glory will await those who are able to win the obstacle course in the Metalympics, which would explain her practicing. SandyMeows doesn’t see her efforts as a waste of time though. “You need to train your virtual running skills until your butt hurts. It’s hard work!”, she said.

The virtual athlete believes that experienced gamers will have an advantage over their brethren. However, she emphasized that she’s available for private training sessions. “You can hire me for 1 million $WHALE to be your trainer! I will be your edge and push you to be your best! Slide into my DMs“, she yelled into our microphone.

Sandy will just be one of the few esporters trying to earn eternal glory. Alongside her there will be for example famous blockchain developers, creatives and influencers who will join in on the fun. “The competition is filled with lots of great athletes”, she told us. Later this year we will be able to find out who wins, who loses and who claims eternal glory.

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