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Play to Earn is the official media partner and reporter of the Metalympics. Multiple games, many challengers, but who’s the best across the metaverse? Gamers, traders, creators and coders will put on their sports outfit to jump, run, and beat their opponents. Play to Earn will do weekly reports from and about the Metalympics, ranging from player profiles, interviews, announcements and match reports.

Play to Earn is happy to announce that it has become the official media partner for the Metalympics. This upcoming virtual sports event will have its home inside Cryptovoxels, but will take place across a variety of blockchain games. Play to Earn will be there to report on a weekly basis, talk to the winners, the losers and unravel the truth about anything out of the ordinary.

In the coming days the professional organization behind the Metalympics will reveal the full line-up of available game categories. These games can take place inside Cryptovoxels or other games on the blockchain. Everybody will be able to sign-up and compete, but only those victorious will go home with eternal Metalympic glory.

“Get ready to embark on the most epic series of competitions in the Metaverse and witness history at the first ever season of the Metalympics.”

Ryan “Rizzle” Kappel

Metalympics construction on-going

The Metalympic venue is still under heavy construction. The organization is happy to report that there haven’t been any casualties among the builders (so far). In addition it’s highly unlikely one of the competitors will get injured. Probably making the Metalympics the safest sports event ever created in the history of the universe.

It’s highly advised to start practicing already. Work on your mouse moves, controller skills and your brain muscles, because the Metalympics will demand the very best of every competitor. Make history in the metaverse. Compete, watch, and join the Metalympics. What we do in life, echoes in eternity!

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Robert Hoogendoorn is a gamer and blockchain enthusiast. He got in touch with crypto in 2014, but the fire really lit in 2017. Professionally he's a content optimization expert and worked for press agencies and video production companies, always with a focus on the video games & tech industry. He's a content manager and creator at heart, started the Play to Earn Online Magazine in early 2020.