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Metalympics Will Commence on November 5th

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The Metalympics, which is without a doubt the biggest esports event in the blockchain gaming metaverse, will start on November 5th. After the weekly WIP Meetup competitors will battle on the Avastars Obstacle Course at the Metalympic Campus. The obstacle course is one of many disciplines present during the Metalympics sports event.

Before the November competition starts, players can practice for the Metalympics obstacle course inside Cryptovoxels. Play to Earn will provide aspiring athletes with some pro tips.

The course starts with some jumps. Competitors will need to use the SHIFT-button on their keyboard in order to boost their jumps. Keep in mind that flying is not allowed.

The first straight area required lots of jumps between platforms. The obstacle course is filled with glass walls. Therefore many jumps require a mid-air turn to reach the next platform. After that you make a long jump (use SHIFT) to reach the end of the first part, and go up behind the Metalympics logo.

On the other side there will be lots of moving parts. Don’t be intimidated by the turning cylinder. However, the moving platforms after that are a real challenge. If you make it through, there’s a stairs up to the highest platform where you need to jump through some hoops. Pro tip: use SHIFT and land on the starting edge of the platform. There’s a hidden trap in front of you. Now you need to jump to the other edge to reach the finish line.

What are the Metalympics?

The Metalympics is a social, but also very competitive, virtual sports event. The main arena is located inside Cryptovoxels, but competitors will also play many other games during the event. The Metalympics is a seasonal sports event in the metaverse, bringing the best of the best into a virtual competition full of emotion, excitement and good fun.

Play to Earn is the official media partner for this event, covering the events, news and gossips straight from the arena.

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