WhaleShark Maze to Puzzle Metalympics Competitors

metalympics whaleshark the whale tank

Voxel Architects and the team behind the Metalympics have created a custom event sponsored by WhaleShark. A gigantic watertank next to the Avastars Arena will puzzle competitors. The Whale Tank is a challenging maze that’s not yet open for exploration. When the time comes competitors will get lost forever amidst some real life voxelized whale sharks.

Originally there were plans for a swimming pool. However, big boss Jimmy McNelis hit his iron fist on the meeting table while screaming “BIGGGEEERRR”. Therefore The Whale Tank is now the biggest district at the Metalympics. It’s unknown whether the maze has an actual exit or its a death trap. You compete at your own risk.

The Metalympics is an upcoming sports event inside the metaverse. Competitors will be able to compete in all kinds of challenges, ranging from the Avastars Arena: Obstacle Course™ to the mind-boggling maze of The Whale Tank. In addition there are plenty of events outside of Cryptovoxels, thanks to partners and friends in the blockchain gaming space.

The Metalympics will commence on November 5th with the Obstacle Course inside the Avastars Arena. Aside from sports events there will be an art gallery, a presentation stage, a jumbotron and a commentator box from where Play to Earn will report all the events.

What are the Metalympics?

The Metalympics is a virtual sports event organized by Rizzle and Matthew, who are better known as some of the people behind the WIP Meetup. They are bringing together many projects in the metaverse, and have created a sports events that allows everybody to compete for eternal glory.

Play to Earn is proud to be a media partner for the Metalympics. This seasonal sports event in the metaverse brings the best of the best into a virtual competition full of emotion, excitement and good amounts of fun. Who will make the ultimate jump? Who has the best aim? And who will be the ultimate champion of the Metalympics?

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