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Gucci Betting on Digital Fashion

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Clothing brand Gucci isn’t only to try to dress you with their iconic fashion, but also your digital representation inside virtual worlds. According to a report by Fast Company the fashion brand already dipped its toes in digital fashion. Now they’re planning to move it one step further. “The worlds of fashion and gaming are colliding”, CMO Robert Triefus told the online magazine.

Gucci already designed digital fashion outfits for inside a tennis and a fashion game. In addition the company has been designing clothes for five years with virtual worlds in mind.

“Virtual items have value because of their own scarcity, and because they can be sold and shared”, Triefus told the magazine. Even though the article makes no explicit mention of blockchain technology, it’s likely that the technology will be embraced.

Several fashion brands have already dipped their toes into gaming. Hermes, Esmée Lauder and Louis Vuitton made games around their brands. In fashion game called Drest has already partnered with many more fashion companies since it launched late last year.

Blockchain and virtual worlds

When it comes to virtual worlds and blockchain technology, there are a couple of names that come to mind. Especially Decentraland has been positioning itself as a world filled with digital fashion. This spawned a market with thousand of dollars in weekly trading volume. Even though the Cryptovoxels community also organizes virtual fashion shows.

None of these virtual worlds on the blockchain attract the amount of traffic required for a brand like Gucci to jump in. In addition a fashion brand would require realistic graphics, which can’t be achieved in most of the current blockchain-powered worlds. However, it’s exciting to see what happens. Perhaps Gucci will be one of the brands that brings in lots of new users into the blockchain space.

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