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Digital Fashion Eyeing Play-to-Earn Business Model

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The future is amazing, as Digitalax is working on play-to-earn mechanics for virtual worlds and gaming experiences, where players earn money by wearing digital fashion sponsored by brands. In their vision every player can wear sponsored clothes and make money thanks to a standardized protocol for digital fashion. Digitalax describes these fundamentals in their whitepaper, which they published on January 5th.

Digital fashion company Digitalax will use Monavale, their own MONA token, as the native token and DeFi elements for their player-creator digital economy. Developers can stake MONA into their games as prize rewards for players, while player can earn MONA through gameplay. Players who have enough tokens, can become digital influencers who can attract sponsorships.

The whitepaper describes the scenario where a brand stakes MONA on a certain player, which then activates them to acquire some of the brand’s clothes. After that, players repay the loan by actively participating in online events, games and competitions. As a result this creates exposure and positivity.

Simply put, a sponsor loans money and the player buys clothes. But the player can only keep the money if all conditions of the deal have been met. In that case the loan is repaid and players have earned more MONA. The MONA token creates value for players in the Digitalax digital fashion ecosystem thank to play-to-earn.

Digitalax standardizing digital fashion

Each piece of digital fashion is an unique non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain. This way digital ownership is secured and it’s possible to use one asset across multiple platforms or virtual environments. Each piece of digital clothing uses patterns and modules, which are also individually stored tokens on the blockchain. That way digital fashion by Digitalax embraces revenue shares. They use their DIGITALAX Open Digital Fashion License to keep things open-source, while creating standards for this emerging industry.

In addition Digitalax wants to implement a system that’s kind of similar to the way wrapping works on the the blockchain. They will use specifications for standards like CLO3D, Unity, Unreal, Blender and Godot. This should make it easier to for example swap a FBX file into an OBJ file. Digitalax wants to make this entire process easier by build or fund the development of optimization plugins. All this should be open-source.

Ultimately gamers will be able to buy a piece of digital fashion and wear this in VR Chat, and then move into a certain game and have their avatar wear the exact some clothes. This should be a smooth transition from a user experience, while creators benefit from standardization and tool provided. It will also allow developers to focus more on experiences, while designers take care of the digital fashion. Ultimately this will benefit consumers, as they are able to access tailored and personalized virtual experiences.

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