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Virtual Worlds Focus on Digital Fashion

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Virtual worlds Somnium Space and Cryptovoxels are working on adding and improving the use and presentation of digital fashion. These virtual clothes are a perfect way for users to express themselves, while the blockchain provides true ownership. Both Somnium Space and Cryptovoxels are lagging behind, as Decentraland is stealing the catwalk.

While Decentraland has been running fashion shows, Somnium Space and Cryptovoxels were left behind when it comes to digital wearables. Anybody who’s created consumer products knows that user customization is a very important aspect of the user experience, but in virtual worlds this focus on digital fashion isn’t always that common.

Decentraland has been taking pride in its digital wearables. It’s actually one of the key features why people visit events. Seasonal content inside the virtual world often comes with rewards, like digital shirts or entire outfits. From that perspective Decentraland tries to bring a gamified experience to the table, while users can also visit art galleries and other events.

Playing digital fashion catch-up

Cryptovoxels seems to have forgotten about their wearables. Until a couple of weeks ago Ben Nolan and his team hadn’t done anything to upgrade the experience. Wearables in Cryptovoxels are very focused on community creations, but the lack of focus resulted in a lack of new content. Nolan is now trying to improve the experience of wearables inside the virtual world.

At the same time Somnium Space is making big moves too. This virtual world already allowed character customization through entire outfits, but you couldn’t switch individual shoes, shirts or pants. A tweet from company owner Artus Sychov suggests that wearables will soon enter the world of Somnium Space. However, he didn’t provide an time indication aside from ‘soon’.

Somnium Space is currently in the process of auction new virtual land, while Decentraland just finished its Halloween event. And guess what? In Cryptovoxels the first virtual game convention is taking place. The Play to Earn Game Festival is open for everybody who wants to learn about blockchain gaming and perhaps win some PLAY tokens or game assets!

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