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Enjin And Atari Bring Digital Fashion To Metaverse

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Atari and Enjin are working together to create digital fashion on the blockchain and bringing that to virtual worlds. They will work together with eBallR Games, The Fabricant and DressX to create digital haute couture that avatars can wear beyond the restrictions of walled digital gardens.

The first digital fashion collection Atari and Enjin have minted, is the Atari Pluriform collection. The Fabricant created these clothes based on Atari’s history and the concept of football jerseys, as seen in the upcoming Kick Off football game by eBallR Games. There will be a robe, gloves and a headpiece, and all of those are already minted onto the blockchain.

There are two sets. The Atari Classic set is available in 1372 copies, while the Pluriform Robe has a total supply of 600 sets. However, users can buy the robe, gloves and headpiece separately. The robes currently cost 1100 ENJ, which is roughly 150 dollars.

The Fabricant, eBallR and DressX

The Fabricant is a fashion house that already creates digital-only clothing. They have worked with mainstream brands like Puma, Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger. In May 2019 they created Iridescence, a ‘blockchain dress’ which sold for 9500 dollars. Their newly designed Atari clothes can be worn by digital avatars soon.

In the eBallR app users can make a selfie into a digital avatar. Ultimately gamers can use this avatar inside the eBallR sports multiverse and beyond. These avatars would be able to wear these clothes. DressX, another fashion avatar app, allows users to take a selfie and then automatically wear their digital clothes that are digitally tailored onto their real-life photos. The Atari Pluriform collection will also be compatible with other games in the Enjine multiverse, including The Six Dragons and MyMetaverse’s Minecraft server.

Digital fashion a growing trend

In September this year it became clear that Gucci is one of the major brands betting on digital fashion. They see digital fashion as an expansion of their business and have been creating digital versions of their physical designs for a couple of years now. At the same time there’s an increasing demand from consumers to express themselves through personal profiles and also avatars.

Virtual worlds like Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space allow for a variety of user customization features. Cryptovoxels recently relaunched their creation feature, while Somnium Space now allows content creator to mint and sell their own works. In the first month total sales surpassed 20 thousand dollars in value.

The tech and gaming industry isn’t sitting still either. Bandai Namco invested three million dollars in Genies, a company that’s all about avatars. In addition we’ve seen the launch of Digitalax, a platform for the sale of digital fashion outfits. The first nineteen outfits sold for more than 18 thousand dollars. It’s not a surprise that Animoca Brands signed a contract for the license of a franchise like Bratz.

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