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Strategy gaming is making a comeback! And one of the latest to make some noise is Shardbound, a fantasy themed PvP game who will be holding their next playtest towards the end of February.

Move over Voxie Tactics and Aradena Battlegrounds, there’s a new competitor in town for the turn-based, PVP strategy genre! Featuring deck building and an open map to battle across, Shardbound requires both strategic and tactical decision making.

And if you want to get an early look at this game, the Shardbound team plans to hold a playtest later this month. The playtest starts on February 21st and runs for 10 days, through March 1st. The team has opened up 2,000 spots for this playtest.

Players can pre-register using an email address or their Immutable Passport. After that, join their Discord chat, follow them on Twitter, and watch for opportunities to try and win a playtest spot. Or, if you are already a member of the Discord chat, you may be able to claim a playtest spot just for being an OG! Check the Discord channels for details.

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New things to expect with this playtest include a battle pass system, quests, updated art and rewards, improvements to the spells and equipment leveling system leaderboards, and more!

Those who make it to the top of the leaderboards will receive special prizes as the game approaches launch.

Commanders in Shardbound
choose your Commander wisely

What is Shardbound?

Shardbound is a free to play, turn-based, one-on-one strategy, tactics game. In Shardbound, players assemble decks of creatures and spells, and use those to wage battle against their opponent across a hex-based map. Players can win a match by either defeating their opponent’s commander, or collecting 10 victory points (obtained by smashing Victory Crystals on the game map).

Players must also break mana crystals on the map to grow their mana pool, making every strategic decision in the game important. And with blocking terrain, high ground, and five different types of cards, no game of Shardbound will be the same.

Players build decks of 30 cards, which must include one Commander and one Relic. Commanders come in five different flavors, each with their own abilities and selection of cards to use when deckbuilding.

Shardbound raised over $5 million dollars to continue to fund development into 2024. They have also partnered with Immutable to use the Immutable Passport for easy logins.

And though Shardbound plans to have some web3 aspects in the game, they have not released any information about those features yet. Focusing instead on creating a fun game first.

To learn more about Shardbound, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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