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Play to Airdrop with Apeiron

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Apeiron, a ‘god-simulation’ game with a complex system of NFT ownership and interactions, opened up their Battle Demo, giving everyone a chance to try out the game and potentially play and earn an airdrop of ANIMA tokens!

The play to earn moniker may not be as popular as it once was, but the idea remains strong, now often rebranded as play to airdrop. And web3 gaming is hitting the track hard this year, with token launches, community engagement, and yes, airdrops! Another game to join the play to airdrop fun is Apeiron, a ‘god-simulation’ that recently migrated to the Ronin network.

Players can earn airdrop points in a variety of ways. This ranges from social interactions, to playing the battle demo, to owning Planet and Apostle NFTs, to placing on top of a number of different leaderboards! The infographic below gives an overview of the whole thing, but you may want to read the official blog post for all of the details.

Apeiron airdrop rewards
Apeiron airdrop rewards

Once the airdrop begins for ANIMA tokens, allocations will be vested at the rate of 1% per day. However, players will still need to play and to complete various tasks and quests to unlock their tokens.

In addition, players can earn daily check-in rewards in Stardust as part of the celebration of the game’s recent migration to the Ronin blockchain. With Stardust, players can purchase RON tokens, tickets for minting Apostle NFTs, and various other game items.

To make sure that you get the rewards, you’ll need to create an account, link your Ronin wallet and email, and login to the game with the same verification info. You can also connect your Discord account, allowing you to make up missed days on the daily check-in through their Discord chat. Once your account is all setup, it’s time to check out the Battle Demo!

Apeiron Battle Demo

The current playable game is what’s known as the Battle Demo. This game sees players venturing into tactical, real-time dungeon battles with a party of characters. Players can move their main character, but the Apostles function mostly independently. However, players do have a hand of cards representing various special abilities that are available to their team. Using mana (from a mana bar that replenishes throughout the combat), players play their cards to trigger abilities, many of which can be targeted onto specific friends or foes.

Each level of the demo see players navigating through a series of rooms. In some players must defeat a group of enemies, in others special events or resting spots may be available. Battles come in varying difficulties, with some featuring multiple waves of enemies. Along the way, players earn Gems, recruit new Apostles, and find and upgrade Artifacts.

The ultimate goal to defeat the Boss at the end. The player’s dungeon run ends when their Avatar is killed and they can’t resurrect them, or the Boss is dead. Players can also reserve one of their Apostles for the opportunity to mint it as an NFT at the end of the season. Planet owners receive extra slots for reserving Apostles.

Apeiron Battle Demo screenshot
Apeiron Battle Demo screenshot

What is Apeiron?

Aperion is a god simulation game, with inspiration coming from classics such as Populous and Black and White. Players will control a world of ‘doods’, helping their civilization grow, or punishing the infidels for lack of respect for your god-hood! Maybe even both!

On top of that will be a real-time, tactical battle game, offering both PvE dungeons, and PvP contests.

Planet breeding (yes, you read that correctly), is a core part of the game economy, letting players control the production and value of newly created Planets. In addition, the Apeiron ecosystem includes Star NFTs. Stars have a number of orbital tracks into which players can stake their Planets. This lets planets get bonuses from their parent Star, which can also be upgraded for even more bonuses! Unused orbital tracks can even be rented to other players. Then you have Apostles, champion type characters with different skills, who can sometimes be staked to generate planet creating NFTs!

Apeiron has a rather complex NFT economy. The team posted an official guide in September of 2023 which you can read here.

To learn more about Apeiron, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

screenshot from prototype gameplay trailer - Apeiron
screenshot from prototype gameplay trailer
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