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Earn Bitcoin in Everseed Beta

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A new era arrives in Everseed as their latest beta release introduces the very first play and earn mechanic in this plant-themed, tower defense game! Players can now earn daily payouts of Bitcoin just by participating in the daily challenge!

The latest beta release brings the first play and earn opportunity to Everseed players! Every day, players can attempt a Daily Patrol, trying to earn the highest score possible. Rewards are split between all participants, thought the bulk goes to the top players. Everyone has one free run at the Daily Patrol, and also has the option of spending Glint (the in-game currency), or watching ads for extra run attempts. The Daily Patrol and reward pool both reset on a daily basis.

Rewards are paid in Bitcoin and must be collected with a ZBD wallet that is compatible with Bitcoin Lightning.

To play in this beta you need to either own a Ranger or Sprout NFT, or get an invite code from another player (just ask on their Discord if you need a code).

Unfortunately, this phase of beta is for Android devices. Though the team says that a web version of the game should be up soon, and a mobile, iOS version later this year.

Aside from the daily rewards, players also earn Stars by playing. Stars accumulate during Seasons (which last a few weeks) and reward special achievement badges when a Season ends.

Everseed continues to expand their game with every patch, bringing us new UI improvements, new terrain types, new plants, new blight monsters, and more! So if you haven’t played in a while, the game might look a bit different. But the basics are still the same. Defeat the Blight and earn rewards!

You can download the beta at

What is Everseed?

Everseed is a game about exploring the world and fighting against the Blight. Players will find encounters while wandering, leading to a tower defense style match where the player uses Battle Plants that they own as defense against creatures from the Blight!

Everseed offers a bit more strategy than most tower defense games. The creeps don’t have set paths they follow. Instead, they take the shortest route they can to your base. Players have a semi-open choice about where to place their Plants (towers), though some terrain cannot be built on, and terrain also needs to be cleared of the Blight first. But, this more open building concept allows players to create their own, customized gauntlet of doom for the creep waves!

Players have limited Energy to spend each round. So choosing between placing new plants, revealing hidden terrain, and watering (leveling up plants) requires some thought and planning. And since watering is an area of effect ability, finding ways to group your plants together for maximum efficiency can be important as well. Plants can also be leveled up as the round progresses, offering new abilities or stat boosts.

Players also choose a Companion to help them in battle. Companions can move freely before the round starts, block creep pathing, and each have their own unique attack and special abilities.

To learn more about Everseed, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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