Strategy blockchain games require skillful thinking and planning to achieve victory. The strategy can happen either in real-time or through turn-based gameplay. There’s a strong emphasis and strategic moves, tactical positioning and logistical challenges. In addition players need to optimize the use of their resources to overcome for example economic challenges.

We can divide strategy gaming into a four sub-genres, and often there’s some overlap between them. First of all a game uses either turn-based or real-time gameplay, with either a focus on strategy (often more based on resources, types of units etc.) or on tactics (positioning, and focus on combat).

In tactical games players often have a set amount of available characters, which need to be placed properly. Good placement will influence the way these characters can use their power during battle. However, strategy games rely much more on unit management, resource management and of course time management.

Blockchain strategy games:

  • Eternal Dragons Hunter Mint

    Eternal Dragons had no trouble at all selling out their first three Dragon mints, Fighter, Mage and Slayer. Coming up next is the Hunter mint, starting on August 2nd. We also received a few more details about unit stats and synergies in this auto-battler, Dragon-themed game. The Eternal Dragons NFTs are a hot commodity. Though […]
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  • Splinterlands SPS Airdrop Completed

    It’s been a year since Splinterlands introduced the SPS token and began daily airdrops to their users. But as the saying goes, all good things must end. And so, on schedule, the SPS airdrop ended today. With the airdrop completed, there will still be opportunities to earn SPS tokens, but it will require some additional […]
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  • Planet Mojo Reveals Mojo Melee Gameplay

    Planet Mojo closed out their mint for Moj Seeds in early June, with the first Mojos hatching a few weeks later. Soon, Mojo owners will be able to use their NFTs in the first game from Planet Mojo called Mojo Melee. An auto-battler style game, Mojo Melee features teams of Mojos and Champions fighting for […]
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  • How to Hatch an Eternal Dragons Egg

    The minting for Genesis NFTs of Eternal Dragons kicked off on July 12th, 2022, and will be an ongoing process, with new NFTs released in batches of 1000. These generative NFTs are the main characters in this upcoming, auto-battler game on the Solana blockchain. Dragon NFTs come in nine different classes, with two released so […]
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  • New Tokenomics for Train of the Century

    Train of the Century introduces another sink for their native game token, Tocium. Trains now have Condition points which decrease as they are used. Players will need to spend Tocium tokens to keep their trains repaired. Additionally, the Train of the Century team updated their whitepaper to include recent feature additions, and introduce the concept […]
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  • Breed New Axies During Lunacian Summer Event

    Axie Infinity brings us a new breeding event called Lunacian Summer. For a limited time, Axie owners can breed their Axies to create offspring with new, Summer parts. Available for only 50 days, Axies with these Summer parts are sure to become collector’s items. In addition, Axies can also be born with Shiny parts and […]
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  • Splinterlands Leagues Split into Wild and Modern

    After months of talking about splitting their game into two leagues, Splinterlands finally pulls the trigger, releasing this latest update to their players earlier today. This update brings Wild and Modern formats to the battle ranks. Players can choose the league that best fits their collection, or even play in both if they want! Splinterlands […]
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  • Krabots Open Beta Registrations Open for iOS and Android

    Registration Kicks off for Virtual Robot Fighting Game Krabots’ Open Beta. In the game, you compete for robot boxing glory and show off your engineering skills in a future city of cats and dogs. In the latest release from the team at WHYDAH, players will enter the City of Krasopolis, set in the year 2112. […]
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  • Claim A Free Hero When You Pre-Register for Blocklords

    Blocklords has launched its limited-time Hero Sale Event where you can pre-register to get a free Basic Chest. This chest will contain 5 Banners, which you can then trade to claim your free Early Access Hero NFT. While this particular promo first went live on June 20th, the Blocklords team has not yet disclosed when […]
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  • Axie Infinity Land Staking and Origin Phase 2

    Though Axie was once the darling of the play to earn gaming economy, the game lost much of its momentum over the past year. Now Axie looksto regain its magic with a major overhaul of the combat and Axie progression system called Origin. Origin just began phase 2 of their beta test, offering players rewards […]
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