Strategy blockchain games require skillful thinking and planning to achieve victory. The strategy can happen either in real-time or through turn-based gameplay. There’s a strong emphasis and strategic moves, tactical positioning and logistical challenges. In addition players need to optimize the use of their resources to overcome for example economic challenges.

We can divide strategy gaming into a four sub-genres, and often there’s some overlap between them. First of all a game uses either turn-based or real-time gameplay, with either a focus on strategy (often more based on resources, types of units etc.) or on tactics (positioning, and focus on combat).

In tactical games players often have a set amount of available characters, which need to be placed properly. Good placement will influence the way these characters can use their power during battle. However, strategy games rely much more on unit management, resource management and of course time management.

Blockchain strategy games:

  • Axie Infinity’s Christmas Event has Started

    Sky Mavis wants to keep its players busy during the holidays! For that, the Axie Infinity’s Christmas Event has started and will last until January 3rd. This event will allow players to get the new Axie accessories, which is going to be a brand new feature in the ecosystem. Axie Trainers will get an accessory […]
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  • Eternal Dragons Release First Alpha

    Eternal Dragons generated a lot of hype during their many mints over the past six months. Now we see if they can deliver on the gameplay as they release their first alpha of their dragon-based auto-battler! Eternal Dragons held no less than ten different mints earlier this year, one for each of the Dragon classes. […]
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  • Play and Earn in Free Wizardia Tournament

    Though only officially in an alpha stage, Wizardia has already been running regular,play and earn tournaments for players of their turn-based battle game. They bring us two more tomorrow (December 22nd), one a free to play PvP tournament, the other a PvE tournament that requires owning a team of Wizard NFTs Wizardia pushes forward with […]
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  • Echoes of Empires Alpha Playtest

    Everyone is joining in on the end of the year release frenzy as Echoes of Empires releases their own alpha playtest. This 4x style, space conquering strategy game opens the doors for the first time to the public for a limited demo run. The alpha for Echoes of Empires begins on December 15th at 12pm […]
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  • Aurory Adds Rank-Based Matchmaking and Rewards

    The Aurory team heard the community and added Rank-Based Matchmaking and Rewards. Players will now experience fair matches against opponents of the same level. Besides this, OKA and TOKE will be earned based on the winning player’s current position on the ladder. OKA and TOKE can be converted into $AURY every week. Matches are now […]
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  • Everseed Demo Review

    In this Everseed Demo Review we will cover this project’s third alpha demo! This web3 tower defense game does not stop growing and now NFT holders can access new and more challenging levels. Personally, I had a great time playing it and I am not even a fan of the genre! How to play it? […]
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  • Legacy Launches Closed Alpha Playtest

    The alpha releases and playtests opening for web3 games has been non-stop for the last half of this year. And even though the year rapidly approaches an end, we still have new alphas! One of the latest, from Legacy, a competitive business / production simulation, opened on December 12th. Another alpha playtest to help close […]
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  • The WinterVerse arrived at Voxie Tactics

    The WinterVerse arrived at Voxie Tactics and players can count on new weapons, new arenas, gifts, and many more surprises. This event will run from December 8th to January 3rd. It will be a great opportunity for players to get new NFTs to gear up their Voxies. And for the lucky ones, there is a […]
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  • Infinite Fleet Announces Free-to-Play Version and Other Updates

    Infinite Fleet, the sci-fi game, has announced a free-to-play version of the game with several new features in the recent update. Currently, the game is playable on PC and requires players to buy an NFT ship via its official website to play the game. Now the developers have decided to open the game to a […]
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  • Fableborne Launches Trial of Season 4: A Shatterlands Carol

    Fableborne ARPG is back with another season of “Trial of Seasons.” The previous Trial of Season 3: Future’s Fervour ran from September 5, 2022, to October 3, 2022. This new season, Trial of Season 4: A Shatterland Carol, will run from November 28, 2022, to December 19, 2022. Players participating in this season will be […]
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