Strategy blockchain games require skillful thinking and planning to achieve victory. The strategy can happen either in real-time or through turn-based gameplay. There’s a strong emphasis and strategic moves, tactical positioning and logistical challenges. In addition players need to optimize the use of their resources to overcome for example economic challenges.

We can divide strategy gaming into a four sub-genres, and often there’s some overlap between them. First of all a game uses either turn-based or real-time gameplay, with either a focus on strategy (often more based on resources, types of units etc.) or on tactics (positioning, and focus on combat).

In tactical games players often have a set amount of available characters, which need to be placed properly. Good placement will influence the way these characters can use their power during battle. However, strategy games rely much more on unit management, resource management and of course time management.

Blockchain strategy games:

  • Gala Games Launches Champions Arena

    This week we have a new web3 game launch from Gala Games as Champions Arena moves out of beta and into live status! Players can now fight their way through the campaign, level up their heroes, and battle their way to the top of the leaderboards with permanently saved progress. Champions Arena, another title in […]
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  • Freeze Foes with New Pet in Everseed Update

    Everseed drops another update on their alpha players, bringing with it game updates, bug fixes, and a brand new Pet to help out in your adventures! And there is still time to work on that battle pass progression, with many players looking to bring home the special ‘Season of the Sun Diddit’ to show their […]
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  • Win Prizes in Aradena Battlegrounds Beta Showdown 3

    Aradena Battlegrounds brings us another beta event with prizes for hitting certain milestones, in addition to generous rewards for the top players. Along with this beta event comes a new game build as well, with a number of updates, including the ability to construct your own decks! Aradena Battlegrounds brings us a new game update […]
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  • Explore the Star Atlas Universe With Sage Labs

    Star Atlas prepares to launch Sage Labs, a 2D web-based version of their game of galactic exploration, expansion, and exploitation. And while Sage Labs won’t have quite all of the systems from Star Atlas in place, it is a giant step forward towards active gameplay and a move away from their current, semi-passive staking system! […]
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  • Explore in 3D in Generative Dungeon

    Generative Dungeon begins taking their player made dungeon experience to a new dimension with the introduction of Generative Quests, a way to experience the Dungeons in 3D! Generative Dungeon already featured an interesting integration where owners can edit the layout of their dungeon NFT, and anyone can play through the dungeon, within the NFT image! […]
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  • MegaWorld Adds MEGA to the Marketplace

    A new economic phase arrives in MegaWorld as players can now use MEGA tokens on the in-game marketplace. This addition brings almost every core economic activity into the MEGA token portfolio, creating an economic foundation that paves the way for the upcoming release of player quests! MegaWorld adds MEGA to their marketplace, allowing players to […]
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  • Shop in the New Voxie Tactics Marketplace

    Quietly and steadily, Voxie Tactics continues to mature and grow. Their latest addition, an official Voxie Tactics marketplace will make it easier for players to trade character and equipment NFTs without having to resort to external sites and additional cryptocurrencies! Launched at the beginning of August, the new Voxie Tactics marketplace brings the trading of […]
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  • First Play to Mint Event for Fableborne

    The first of the play to mint events from Fableborne is now live. For the next forty-eight hours, players can download the game alpha and compete for one of the top fifty spots and a chance to earn a spot for the upcoming Primordial NFT mint! The first play to mint even for Fableborne began […]
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  • Mojo Melee Season Two and Amazon Partnership

    The first season of Mojo Melee came to a close today. But, with only a short downtime, we launch into season two, which includes a special partnership with Amazon, offering exclusive drops to Amazon Prime members who link their accounts to Mojo Melee! Season One was dubbed Emergence of Champions, while Season Two is called […]
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  • Axie Origins Adds New Experience System

    Dynamic NFTs come to the Axie-verse as wee see the introduction of a new experience and leveling system for Axies. Players earn Axie Experience Points simply by playing the game, and in turn, higher level Axies will have options to upgrade their body parts! Axie Infinity brings a new rewards system to their game with […]
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