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Play and Earn with Echoes of Empire

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Echoes of Empire held their official launch on January 30th, 2024, opening the doors of their 4x space-based strategy game with play and earn opportunities for all players, including free to play participants!

Echoes of Empire is now live! Anyone can create a Gala Games account and start playing this 4x, multiplayer strategy game! In addition, Echoes of Empire includes play and earn opportunities for everyone!

How to Play Echoes of Empire

Each player starts with a base, which they must upgrade and use to build ships and harvest resources. Capital ships can be paired with support ships to create fleets, which can then be sent out to harvest as well, or to go on the offensive.

Once players complete the tutorial, they’ll be teleported to a random spot in space, and give a four hour PvP shield. From here they continue to follow the build, upgrade, improve path. But, players now also have the chance to gather Stardust by harvesting from player owned Celestial Objects. Stardust is the main play to earn route. At the end of every day, half of each player’s Stardust inventory is burned and converted into GALA tokens (claimable through the Gala webpage).

Players can attack other players’ fleets that are at Celestial Objects, as well as other players’ bases. Players can steal Resources and Stardust from the base, though a certain amount remains protected based on the levels of the storage facilities and the base command center.

Owners of Celestial Objects receive taxes from players harvesting on their owned plots, but everyone else must remain active and harvest regularly to accumulate Stardust.

Are you going to get rich from playing Echoes of Empire? No. But the game is free to play, so its worth giving it a try to see if you like it! You can get started with Echoes of Empire here.

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What is Echoes of Empire?

The Echoes of Empire is a sci-fi, 4x, MMO strategy game. Players take the part of an aristocratic family and work to build up their empire. Starting with a small space station, players grow and expand and try to leave their mark upon the galaxy. Players can send their ships to gather resources or fight with other players.

At the base, players build ships, repair fleets, and craft new weapons. Players can upgrade a number of different parts of their base as well. In addition, players own in-game assets through NFTs. Future plans include political factions, an in-game p2p trading system, and more.

Echoes of Empire is part of the Gala Games ecosystem. They recently released their litepaper which you can read here.

To learn more about Echoes of Empire, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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