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Yuga Labs Opens The Hunt in HV-MTL Forge

HV-MTL Forge The Rift banner

A new phase begins in the HV-MTL Forge, as Yuga Labs opens The Hunt, allowing players a chance to gather loot and craft items for their HV. Players enter The Rift and engage in a Rogue-type dungeon crawler as they look for crafting materials and other special items.

The world of HV-MTL Forge expands as the dungeon crawling feature of the game opens. Known as The Hunt, this phase allows players who have expanded their Forge far enough the opportunity to adventure into The Rift and gather materials to craft Augments for their HVs! The Hunt is a rogue-like adventure where your HV will explore, gather resources and loot, and fight deadly enemies.

When entering the Rift, players choose from one of four available biomes to explore, as well as a difficulty level for their adventure. Going on expeditions in The Rift costs energy based on the difficulty level. Players also choose their specialization — explorer, fighter, or crafter, with different stats and abilities for each role.

HVs have a battery level that depletes as they explore. This also functions as a health bar. If a player’s HV is reduced to 0 battery before they find the exit, they will lose half of the items they collected on that adventure.

exploring the Rift in HV-MTL Forge
exploring The Rift

Crafting Augments and Keys

All of this exploration of The Rift and gathering of materials feeds into the crafting system. Players can craft a variety of Augments for their HVs, and Keys to open Chests they find in The Rift.

Crafting involves selecting a recipe, choosing a mold, and then adding three different ingredients. Different combinations of ingredients can change the success rate and the rarity of the crafted item. The crafting interface displays your odds before you commit to the craft.

Players can also refine items using Gemstones, increasing the item’s rarity. Additionally, Augments can be dismantled for a chance to recover the mold used to craft the Augment

HVs have six Augment slots available. All of this powering up of your HV is in preparation for a special raid boss expected to arrive in season six (the opening of the Rift marks the beginning of season four). You can learn more about crafting in the official Explainer video.

equipping Augments

What is HV-MTL Forge?

HV-MTL Forge is a game based around the HV-MTL NFTs, a collection of 30,000 Mech NFTs that is part of the Bored Ape universe. The game begins as a pet ownership / base building game. Players must build out their Forge to generate energy and keep their HV happy. Once the Forge is built out far enough, players can use energy to explore the Rift, find materials and resources, and craft augments to increase the power of their HV.

You will need an HV-MTL NFT to play. They can be picked up on Open Sea for ~0.3 ETH (current price). The game also supports a delegation system, allowing an HV-MTL owner to designate someone else who can play in their Forge.

You can access the HV-MTL Forge at and learn more in their FAQ and official Game Guide.

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