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Big Time Reveals Airdrop Plans

Big Time airdrop banner

Big Time released details about their airdrop program, designed to reward NFT holders and active players. This airdrop includes over 100K Utility NFTs, distributed over eight months based on Collectible holdings and game playtime.

Big Time has planned to reward their players and NFT holders ever since they revealed their general economic plans a few months ago. And now, this multiplayer, fantasy, RPG announces their plans to airdrop 108,000 Utility NFTs to their players. Distributed over eight months, these Mystery Box rewards can even contain Mythic level items!

These Utility NFTs are used with Spaces to create crafting areas. Mystery Boxes can also be traded on the marketplace for those who don’t want to open them. In fact, you can’t even open them yet! Big Time hasn’t told us when opening will be available, but hopefully sometime soon!

Airdrop Eligibility

Eligibility for the first month’s airdrop requires owning at least one Big Time Collectible (SPACE, cosmetic item, Mystery box, etc). However, that does not guarantee an airdrop. Every eligible player receives points based on the number of owned Collectibles as well as their game playtime. Big Time has not provided details on how exactly points will be calculated.

For future months of the airdrop, players must also play at least one time during the month. The number of boxes airdropped increase from month to month, encouraging continued player activity and growth as the airdrop progresses.

Big Time also plans to deliver TIME tokens and Binance Postcards to airdrop winners at a later date.

Also, in a teaser for their upcoming patch 0.25, the Big Time team showed us some sandy, Egyptian style areas. New maps, items, and enemies, perhaps?

What is Big Time?

Big Time is a fantasy, MMORPG, dungeon crawler game. Players can adventure in teams of up to six players or head out of their own. The action is fast-paced, with players often wading through large groups of enemies. The adventures are instanced, only available to the current party. Each one generally includes a number of objectives with a big boss to defeat at the end.

Big Time features the usual trio of tank, healer, damage dealer, with four classes to choose from — Time Warrior, Quantum Fixer, Chronomancer, and Shadow Blade. And though the adventures are exclusive to the party, there is an open social hub with merchants and such.

Players can find NFT items on adventures, or craft them using their SPACE, a crafting/housing NFT. Players can customize the items they find to enhance the stats that the player prefers.

Big Time has an interesting system that allows players to level up with multiple classes. Players have Pocket Watches, which keep track of their progress in each class. Players can use these watches to switch classes at any time. This lets players experience all of the different characters, without the annoyance of logging in and out and maintaining separate inventories.

Big Time is currently in closed alpha, available to those with Silver, Gold, and Ruby Passes, and anyone who own a SPACE NFT. They do hold regular giveaways for passes on their social media channels.

For a full review and guide, read our Big Time review here.

Big Time roadmap
Big Time roadmap
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