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Trade in Life Beyond Key for Founder’s Watch

Life Beyond Founder Watch

If you hold a Life Beyond Founder Key NFT, you will want to read this article and then proceed to convert your key into a new NFT known as a Founder Watch. This Watch NFT will assume all of the utilities of Key, and be the NFT to own moving forward.

Changes are coming to the Life Beyond NFT collection. Mainly in the form of a new NFT known as the Founder Watch. This Watch will replace the current Founder Key NFTs. Anyone who owns one or more Founder Keys can go the Life Beyond website and mint their Watch(es) now.

This change is because the Life Beyond team wants to use the ERC721 standard for their Founder NFTs rather than the ERC1155 standard.

The mint and burn page is available on the Life Beyond website and uses the Polygon blockchain, so the cost runs to just a few cents. Each Founder Watch is unique, with their number engraved into the NFT image.

This is a limited time mint and burn window! If you don’t swap your Founder Key to a Founder Watch, the Key will lose all utility and become merely a potential collector’s item. We don’t know the exact date for this cutoff point, but we do know if will be sometime after the release of the DOLOS token.

In addition, anyone who holds a Founder Watch will be eligible to receive a reward when the DOLOS token launches. The Life Beyond team says that they will provide ample notice before the minting window closes. But there is no real reason to wait. Head over to the Life Beyond website now to get started!

What is the difference between ERC-721 and ERC-1155?

Both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 are standards for creating and managing tokens. In particular, NFTs.

ERC-721 is the main standard used for NFT generation on the Ethereum network. Proposed by the CryptoKitties team back in 2017, ERC-721 became the de-facto standard for most NFT collections. This standard allowed for the creation of completely unique NFTs, and the ability to track their transaction history, providing a verifiable, chain of ownership.

But there were some limitations with ERC-721. Mainly the inability to transfer more than one NFT at a time. And so, ERC-115 was developed by the team behind the Enjin project. ERC-1155 allows for bulk transfers, supports the creation of semi-fungible tokens, and adds the ability to revert erroneous transactions.

How all of this will translate into an improved Founder’s NFT still remains unclear. Perhaps the Life Beyond team will enlighten us with more details in the near future.

What is Life Beyond?

Life Beyond is a free-to-play, play-and-earn, FPS-style MMORPG with a third-person view. In Life Beyond, players are citizens of the Dolos Planet, an alien world around a distant star. During the first alpha, players worked to clear and defend land for the first settlement. Along the way they encountered a variety of hostile wildlife, many of them similar to giant, alien roaches!

The game follows the lore, with reasoning for out of game events (such as server closures) written in as part of the storyline. Players go on solo or group Missions for experience and rewards. But while doing so, they also help contribute towards larger, community goals which open up new events and prizes. Players will build the game world as the game progresses, clearing out areas to establish colonies.

Players have four classes to choose from, each with a different weapon selection. Try them out on solo missions or sign up for group missions to receive greater rewards.

Life Beyond is currently in-between alpha phases, though they release regular development updates and sneak peeks on their Discord chat.

To learn more about Life Beyond, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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