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Join a Guild in Pixels

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Guilds have been present in Pixels since late 2023, but their functionality has been pretty minimal. But now we take a significant step forward with expanding this feature, as Pixels opens up a new Guild membership system, which includes a rather interesting twist!

Player Guilds are now fully active in Pixels. Anyone can pay a fee to create a Guild. Players who want to join a Guild can do so by purchasing a Guild Shard. These Shards function on a bonding curve, meaning that as more are purchased, the price goes up. Basically creating a fluid Shard value based on supply and demand. This also has the effect of restricting guild size without imposing a hardcoded limit on membership.

But players can’t just purchase any Guild Shards. They instead must submit a purchase request, which the guild leaders can then review and approve or reject. (note: Guilds have the option of disabling the whitelist and allowing anyone to buy Shards). Shards are not tradable, but in a future update, players will be able to sell back their Guild Shards, which will result in a decrease of the Shard price (bonding curve adjustments to price work in both directions).

In order to create a guild, a player needs a Trust Score of 1950 (gained by completing game quests), and must pay a fee of 15 PIXEL tokens. New guilds will receive a distribution of five Guild Shards.

So what’s the advantage of joining a guild? At the moment, nothing. Though in an upcoming update, Pixels plans to make some major changes to the game economy, which will include higher tier materials that can only be farmed on NFT guild lands. Through a dungeon-type feature it seems? Unfortunately, there is no central location for information about Guilds in Pixels. Just random bits throughout AMAs over the past six months. Hopefully, once the main guild features are released, we’ll have some more detailed documentation about how everything will work.

In the meantime, Pixels is free to play. You can head over there to get start playing and farming.

largest guilds in Pixels
largest guilds in Pixels, currently

What is Pixels?

Pixels is a free to play, multiplayer, farming and crafting game. The basics are very similar to Stardew Valley and Sunflower Land. Players plant seeds, water them, harvest crops, plant more seeds, craft simple items, sell them, buy more expensive seeds, and so on, up the crafting chain.

Players have limited energy that gets used every time you plant, water or harvest. Energy replenishes naturally at the rate of 1% every 5 minutes. Players can also consume various items to give them more energy.

Pixels offers public farms, available to everyone, with 24 crop squares to grow on. Even though the space is public, every player has their private, instanced set of farming squares to use. However, public lands have a 20% tax rate. That means that anytime you harvest a crop, there is a 20% chance that it will go to the public land instead of the player. There are also player owned farms that offer lower tax rates.

In addition, there is a main, public town with various shops and quests. The game continues to grow, adding new crafting systems, new crops, and new quests on a regular basis. Pixels also lets players use PFPs from a number of different projects as their in-game avatars.

Pixels offers an in-game subscription for WRON (Wrapped Ronin tokens), which grants extra backpack slots, VIP status, and Reputation Points. An upcoming update will bring major changes to the game economy

To learn more about Pixels, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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