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Gods Unchained Reveals 2024 Roadmap

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Gods Unchained continues to move forward, revealing their roadmap for 2024 which includes the official release of the mobile client (finally!), and a new way to acquire Mythic rarity, one-of-one cards! And that’s just a couple of the items on the list.

2024 looks to be a busy year for Gods Unchained — at least according to their recently released roadmap! The road ahead for Gods Unchained includes a release of their mobile version, major expansion sets, new game modes, upgrades to the server code, a new player progression system, the migration of Chests (old school GU players will know what these are) to L2, and the introduction of new, Mythic variant cards!

Most of these things are pretty self-explanatory, even if we don’t have any details yet. As for the Chests — once, long ago, Gods Unchained allowed players to buy groups of six card packs in Chests. This was (and still is), the only way to trade packs of unopened cards for GU. If I recall correctly, these were only sold during Genesis and the first expansion. However, since the migration to Immutable, these Chests have sat in limbo, unable to be migrated and hidden from trading on most major NFT platforms. So, for owners of these Chests, getting a chance to finally trade them is definitely something to look forward to. And opening Genesis packs might be a stream-worthy session on its own!

As for Mythic variants, this is an interesting new feature where players can earn and/or win one-of-one copies of legendary cards with their own unique artwork. Some of these have been given away already. But many are still open for the taking! Read up on the official blog post for information about how to acquire one of these Mythic variants!

And for those with Amazon Prime accounts, the latest free rewards are up, which includes a Rare Core pack for Gods Unchained. You just need to link your two accounts, press the claim button, and your pack will magically appear in your inventory! You can check it out on the Amazon Prime Gaming page.

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play, collectible card game. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Gods Unchained uses the Immutable X layer-2 solution for gas-free trading. Players retain full ownership over their cards. Players can earn digital ‘Core’ cards by playing the game. When a player has two identical Core cards, they can mint these into one blockchain-based card. That card is then tradeable on the markets.

Gods Unchained offers several play and earn opportunities. Players can earn cards by being active players, win packs while competing in the weekend tournaments, and can even receive payments of GODS tokens simply for playing every day!

With several expansions its belt, Gods Unchained has a wide variety of cards for different playstyles. Players can buy and open packs from the official site. Secondary sales are available on the Immutable X Marketplace and Token Trove.

You can also visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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