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Fableborne Pre-Alpha Playtest and Tournament

Fableborne Pre-Alpha Release

We recently presented to you the first version of the Fableborne litepaper. The new base-building RPG game is now ready to enter its first pre-alpha playtest phase. This playtest will span two weekends, allowing players to provide feedback about the early build of the game. The pre-alpha release will consist of two rounds, across two weekends: The Community and Content Creator Sneak-Peek and the Shatterlands Invitational tournament. 

Community and Content Creator Sneak Peak

The first event is the Community and Content Sneak-Peek. It will begin on October 8 and end on October 9.

The pre-alpha version will contain selected core game features such as raiding, Kiara: Frost Mage Hero, Hawke: Archer Hero, Hero Basic Attack, Hero Special Ability, Hero Ultimate Ability, and Raid islands. This playtest aims to get feedback from players and improve gameplay quality in future playtests.

Content creators can participate in the Pre-Alpha by mailing Pixion Games and mentioning their social media channels. To participate as a community member, players can pre-register using their email address and sign up on the Pre-Alpha Survey. To be eligible, players must participate in community events and obtain the “Alpha Access” role on discord.

You can find more information on how to register and participate in this medium post.

The pre-alpha features list

Shatterlands Invitational

The Shatterlands Invitational is the first tournament of Fableborne that will reward the best players, guilds, and DAOs. The tournament will run from October 15 to October 16, 2022. During the tournament, players have to compete against each other and unlock exciting rewards. A prize pool of $2,500 and Esper coins will be given away to lucky winners. 

Participants can also earn exclusive rewards such as Pre-Alpha Champion Badge and Discord community currency that can be used to participate in NFT Raffles. Players must participate in the Playtest and complete the Pre-Alpha Feedback Survey to receive this badge.

All participants from the first Sneak Peak playtest will be able to play in the Shatterlands tournaments. More spots will be given for this second event, so even if you did not make it for the first one, your chances are not over!

What is Fableborne?

Fableborne is a multiplayer action RPG in which players strategize and build a solid base to defend their islands. The objective is to protect the base from enemies by launching attacks. Similar to Clash of Clans, the gameplay is asynchronous, which means players don’t compete against one other in real time; rather, it connects players through competition. 

Fableborne will offer NFT rewards to players in PvE tournaments and can also be purchased with in-game currency. In the game, players must search for bigger islands while building bases against the enemy. In addition, payers can raid other players’ bases for resources in asynchronous PvP battles and boost skills by fighting in PvE boss battles.

To learn more about the game, check out our previous post reviewing the Fableborne whitepaper and follow Fableborne on Twitter to get all the latest updates.

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