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Mojo Melee Pre Alpha Playtest

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The first game from Planet Mojo, Mojo Melee, opens up a pre-alpha playtest this week to NFT holders. This is just the first playtest for this auto-battler game, so expect there to be bugs and other issues. Also, this is not a play-and-earn event. Instead, it is a chance to get an early preview of the game and provide feedback to the team.

This Mojo Melee pre-alpha is open not only to Mojo-holders, but also to those who minted the recent Cinematic Collector’s Pass or the VIP Playtest Pass. However, the playtime windows are limited, and you need to have already signed up for a slot. But not to worry! There will be plenty more playtest opportunities in the future. The Mojo Melee roadmap has a public beta slated for Q4 2022, including play and earn tournaments!

The dates and times for this round of playtests are as follows:

  • Wednesday, Sept 21 @ 3 PM UTC
  • Wednesday, Sept 21@ 7 PM UTC
  • Friday, Sept 23 @ 1 PM UTC
  • Friday, Sept 23 @ 3 PM UTC
Mojo Melee game mode selection screen

Hopefully, we’ll get to see some gameplay streaming or videos.

For this playtest, players have access to 4 Mojo subclasses, and all of the current Champions and Spellstones when building their teams. Both Duel and Melee Battle modes are available. A Duel is a 1v1, best of 3 match, while Melee mode is a mini-tournament with 16 players.

Other sections and features of the game such as Collections, Quests, ranked play, reward collection, tournaments and such are not part of this test. Mojo Melee is just the first part of the gaming metaverse that Planet Mojo hopes to build.

Mojo Melee Gameplay

Players build teams around their Mojo character. A Mojo Melee team is made up of 1 Mojo unit, 4 Champion units, and 2 SpellStones.

Each team can bring up to two SpellStones to a match. Each Spellstone has a special ability. Spellstones fall into three groups — Attachments, which are put with a unit to provide it with the Spellstone’s ability, Offensive Spellstones which are placed on the opponents side and affect enemy units in their range, and Team Spellstones, which offer team bonuses.

Spellstone types
Spellstone types

Mojos have access to different Spellstones based on their subclass. Mojos are automatically deployed at the start of the battle and offer passive bonuses to their team.

Each player receives eight gold to start every round. Any gold not spent carries over to the next round. During the preparation phase, players use their gold to place units and Spellstones onto the battlefield. Players can upgrade units and Spellstones by purchasing multiple copies and placing them on the same tile. Players can upgrade each entity as many as three times.

Once both players are done preparing, the game enters auto-battle mode until only one team is left. Each unit type has a number of different stats including health, armor, attack damage, and even targeting priority. These all factor into the team’s behavior and results during a match.

Units have special abilities that can trigger when they gain enough Energy. Some Champions start the match with full Energy, while Spellstones activate once at the start of a round.

mojo melee gameplay screenshot
preparing for battle

Champion NFTs

In addition to starting the alpha playtest, Planet Mojo also airdropped Champion NFTs to all Mojo-holders. These Champions will be used in the game, and are the first to be minted. This was a free airdrop to reward Mojo holders. There will likely be a sale for Champion NFTs in the near future.

a few Champions from Mojo Melee

Mojo Melee Pre-Alpha Video Review

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