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Join the Free Epic Raffle for Qorpo World

Qorpo World raffle banner

Tickets for an epic raffle are now available through Qorpo World, offering a number of NFTs and potentially new QORPO tokens as prizes. And best of all, tickets for this raffle are free of charge!

Anyone can mint free raffle tickets for the upcoming epic raffle from Qorpo World. With over $25,000 worth of prizes, including tokens and NFTs, it’s hard to pass up spending just a few cents in gas fees for your chance to win!

Qorpo World raffle banner

Epic Raffle Tickets

The tickets for this raffle are technically free to purchase, though there is a small gas fee associated with minting them. Luckily, the gas fees are very minimal. You can choose to pay on the Polygon network or through the Binance Chain. Users can also use funds from their Qorpo wallet to pay the gas fee.Users can mint up to four tickets a day, though only one ticket at a time.

In addition, Qorpo World has partnered with over a dozen other projects to offer Epic Vouchers, each worth 40 tickets! You’ll have to check in with the specific partners to find out what needs to be done to win these Epic Vouchers. You can start with the official list of partners posted on the Qorpo World Twitter feed.

Prizes for this raffle include 100 QORPO Token Tickets, valued at $100 each, 100 Season 0, Epic Blinder Skins, 300 Epic Weapon Skins, and 1000 “Become the Citizen” NFTs. So there are plenty of prizes to go around! The Become the Citizen NFTs are unique, PFP style creations that provide access to the game and offer owners a chance to join tournaments with prizes.

There is no specific end date for this Raffle Ticket mint, but expect it to close sometime in November. Probably around the time that the Alpha 4.0 of Citizen Conflict launches.

You can mint your free tickets in the Lootbox section of the Qorpo Marketplace.

What is Citizen Conflict?

Citizen conflict is a free to play, team based FPS. Built in Unreal 5, Citizen Conflict offers unique player avatars. They plan to build their game into a eSports event with regular prize pools and tournaments. The game will include various play modes such as deathmatch, battle royale, extraction, and others. There will also be an open world where Syndicates can fight for control of various districts. The open game world will include vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and helicopters!

The Heroes come in five different classes, and can be outfitted with gear and equipment that changes or enhances their abilities. And these items are not just cosmetic. Everything equipped affects the character’s gameplay in some manner.

Citizen Conflict has their own token called CCASH. This will be used for in-game purchases. There will likely be some sort of battle pass system as well, centered around Citizen ID cards.

To learn more about Citizen Conflict, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Citizen Conflict alpha screenshot
prepare for new abilities in Alpha 4.0!
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