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Rent and Borrow NFTs in the Gray Boys Proxy Marketplace

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The Gray Boys open up their Proxy marketplace, allowing holders of Gray Boys NFTs the ability to borrow NFTs owned by the Gray Boys DAO, and also offering a feature where holders of some NFT collections can put their NFTs up for rental!

The Gray Boys proxy utility takes a major step forward with the introduction of the new Proxy Marketplace. This market allows any holder of a Gray Boys NFT the ability to borrow any of a number of NFTs from the Gray Boys DAO Vault!

The only caveat to this utility is that you will need to install the Proxy browser to make use of these rented NFTs. The Proxy browser is only available for Windows at the moment (macOS version coming soon), and takes up about 400MB of disk space.

Once installed, you can launch the Proxy browser when viewing the NFT you have on loan / rent. This will then launch a custom Chrome browser that will already be configured with the proxy wallet, giving you temporary ‘ownership’ of the borrowed NFT. So, for example, as a Gray Boys owner I was able to check out an Azuki NFT for a day for free, just by signing a transaction in the marketplace. You don’t even need to pay a gas fee. Then, when I visit the Azuki site through the Proxy browser, it shows me as the owner of that Azuki!

Do I Control the Borrowed NFTs?

Now, since this is all proxied, the NFT itself never leave the Gray Boys vault. Instead, you basically get a spoofed wallet through the Proxy browser to make it seem like the NFT is in your actual possession. So no selling, trading, moving, or otherwise altering the NFT itself.

However, many NFTs do give perks including access to early playtests, membership in exclusive Discord channels, or even act as a gate to playing a game, such as the HV-MTL NFTs for HV-MTL Forge. The Gray Boys DAO happens to own an HV-MTL NFT. So, if you rent it, then you too can try out HV-MTL Forge without ever owning the required NFT!

You could even nest these proxies by renting a Gray Boys NFT, which then lets you borrow NFTs from the Gray Boys DAO Vault, which will likely begin to include a growing number of items!

You can visit the Proxy Marketplace to see what’s available.

Rent your NFTs in the Proxy Marketplace

In addition, owners of certain NFT collections can put their NFTs up for proxy rental! The list of available NFT rentals is short right now (I couldn’t find an official count), but that is sure to expand as the team builds up the backend support and more users join the marketplace to put their NFTs up for rent. I do know that the Proxy market currently supports custom rentals for Gray Boys and for Otherdeeds.

Setting up a rental in the Proxy Marketplace does require a one-time transaction fee per collection, and giving the Marketplace access to those NFTs.

What are Gray Boys?

The Gray Boys are a ‘gray alien’ themed Profile Picture Project with DAO governance over a community wallet. Gray Boys consists of 10,000 generated NFTs, released in November of 2021. Every Gray Boy owner automatically receives membership into the Mothership DAO. The DAO received 30% of the ETH from the initial mint sale and also receives any fees from secondary market sales. DAO members put forth proposals for spending ETH from this fund and vote on each proposal.

Gray Boys provide proxy access to all of the NFTs owned by the Gray Boys DAO. The Gray Boys collection is also closely tied with Hytopia, and will have custom avatars available in that Minecraft-themed, sandbox style metaverse.

You can pick up a Gray Boys NFT from OpenSea (current floor price of about $177 USD), or rent one from the Gray Boys Proxy marketplace!

To learn more about the Gray Boys, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

a few NFTs available to borrow through the Proxy marketplace
a few NFTs available to borrow through the Proxy marketplace
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