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My Pet Hooligan Alpha on Epic Games

My Pet Hooligan banner

My Pet Hooligan announces their acceptance onto the Epic Games platform, expanding their potential playerbase and contributing to Epic’s rise as a major distribution platform for web3 gaming!

Epic Games continues to ramp up their presence in the blockchain scene. After recently adding Gods Unchained to their distribution platform, they now also host My Pet Hooligan on the Epic Games store! This is a positive sign for both My Pet Hooligan and web3 gaming in general!

And this addition is just in time as My Pet Hooligan prepares to launch the next phase of their alpha testing. Players can gain access to the alpha by owning either a Hooligan or a Zuckbot (Zuckbots are the cheaper choice) NFT. The team says you can expect to see download keys in your mailbox today, June 29th, at 4pm PST which will provide access to ‘Alpha 2.0 Turbo’!

You can also sign up for beta access on the My Pet Hooligan website. The team plans to give away five custom baseball jerseys through a raffle for everyone that signs up for early access on their website.

a few of the Hooligans for sale
a few of the Hooligans for sale

What is My Pet Hooligan?

Sort of a GTA occupied by rabbits with attitude, My Pet Hooligan is a third-person, shoot-em-up style game. MPH offers a number of different game modes for players, including Team Death Match, Battle Royale, and even a social, hangout area. The lore behind the game speaks of the rabbits freeing themselves from the clutches of Meta Zuckbot, an evil overlord and establishing a new, more anarchic world. With destructible, city-based environments, My Pet Hooligan promises plenty of carnage and mayhem for its players!

The game will offer free to play options, but during the current alpha players need to own a My Pet Hooligan NFT to join. This can be either a Hooligan or a Zuckbot.

The primary Hooligan NFT collection consists of 8,888 rabbits with attitude, living on the Ethereum blockchain. Owning one of these playable NFTs also opens up early access to releases. But like many web3 projects, My Pet Hooligan isn’t content to just stay in one lane. They are also creating animated shorts, real life merchandise, and even offer ‘Hooligram’, an app that lets you animate your Hooligan and even have it imitate your facial expressions! This is built to feed into potential user created content with their own Hooligans, with owners retaining IP rights for their NFTs. In addition, they offer 3d models of all of the Hooligans for creators to use.

Hooligan Holders also passively earn s-karrots, a precursor to Karrots, the official game currency.

The current floor price for a Hooligan NFT sits at 0.67 ETH.

To learn more about My Pet Hooligan, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

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