Join Gala Gold Before April 14th to Get a Free Superior NFT

In addition to the other perks offered to the Gala Gold members, Gala announced an exclusive airdrop of a Superior NFT to all members who joined before April 14th. If you haven’t signed up yet, here are all the details about the benefits of being a Gala Gold member and how to join and get free NFTs.

What is Gala Gold and what are the benefits?

Gala Gold is an update to your Gala Games account that gives you many perks. The lifetime membership only costs $50 for now but this might change in the future.

As of today, Gala Gold members get the following benefits:

  • Every new member gets a Twon Star Depot Express NFT, opening the doors to the play-to-earn mode in Town Star.
  • If you sign up before April 14th, you will be airdropped an additional Superior NFT, more on that later.
  • More free NFTs in the future. Previous airdrops include a sentinel uncommon tank skin for Spider tanks and an Echoes of Empire Gold Profile Avatar. We can expect more airdrops in the future.
  • Access to special Discord channels where the team offers sneak peeks and news before the rest of the community. Many team members also hang out in these channels, so you get a better chance to talk to someone from the team there.
  • Gala Gold members also get early playtest opportunities for the upcoming titles.
The Town Star Express Depot will unlock the play-to-earn features in Town Star

More benefits might come in the future, but the price of the membership might also increase… So now is a perfect time to sign up for one.

The Superior NFT airdrop

If you haven’t heard of Superior yet, check out our preview article here. To make it short, Superior is a rogue-lite game developed by Drifter Studio. In Superior, you will make runs and fight evil superheroes. As you progress in your run, you will gain your defeated enemies’ powers. The game was available for test to Gala Gold members before anyone else!

If you get your Gala Gold membership before April 14th, you will be airdropped a beautiful golden plasma rifle skin. The NFT will be airdropped after the Superior Ronin Prime Sale taking place on the 14th. This NFT will not be dropped retroactively, so make sure to sign up before the end of the sale!

A Stylish way to blast evil superheroes

How to join Gala Gold?

  1. First of all, you need to sign up for a regular Gala Games account on
  2. Go to your account page and select the Go Gala Gold option.
  3. Transfer Ethereum to your Gala Games wallet in order to pay the membership fee and the gas fees. You will see the price of the membership including the gas fees on the checkout page. Be careful when sending ETH to your Gala wallet, if you make a mistake in the address, your funds will be lost…
  4. Wait for the transaction to complete, and done, you can start enjoying your membership. To get access to the private discord channels, just connect your discord profile in your Gala Games account and you are good to go!

When creating your account, make sure to store your private key and your transfer key safely. The transfer key is needed for every transfer of funds while connected to your Gala account and your private key will help you recover your wallet.

This is not financial advice, but if you believe in the Gala ecosystem, get your Gala Gold membership now and enjoy the benefits for life!