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Borrow a Racehorse in Zed Run

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Zed Run, one of the original, blockchain-based racing games, adds a new rental system for their players. Officially referred to as a Borrowing system, owners can rent out their horses to players, with both parties splitting any race profits. This borrow a Racehorse feature is important for a game like Zed Run. And this update should help improve player engagement and activity.

The Zed Run borrowing system looks very similar to what we’ve seen with Riot Racers. The borrowers pick a Racehorse from the rental list, enter it into races, and thensplit the profits with the horse owner. No prior requirements involved for borrowing. Just connect your wallet, pick a horse from the Borrowing marketplace, and start racing!

May I Borrow a Racehorse?

a Zed Racehorse for rent

Zed Run offers a safe rental system. The NFTs never leave the owner’s wallet. But, in a bit of a twist, Horse owners can only acquire Lending Permits by staking ZED tokens. Each Permit allows the holder to put one Horse up for rental. Owners who wish to rent multiple horses will need multiple Permits. Holders can turn in permits they aren’t using and receive their staked tokens back.

The staking component is an interesting design decision, as it forces the owners to be a little more engaged with the ecosystem and invest in ZED tokens as well as Horses.

Borrowing is as simple as selecting the horse you want and then clicking the Borrow Racehorse button. It requires signing two transactions, but neither one costs gas fees. Lending permits have a limited duration. Once the lending period is up, the Horse returns to the marketplace, or to the owner’s stable depending on their settings. Players can only borrow one horse at a time, to prevent someone from hoarding all of the horses. Rentals run for four days and currently default to a 50/50 split. Though hopefully, a future update will allow the owners to set their own percentages and rental periods.

When a borrower earns a prize payout from a paid race, their entry fee is refunded before the profits are split between owner and racer. This is a nice way to provide extra encouragement for entering the paid races!

Zed Head Nood Suit?

does a horse take a dump in the woods?

Zed Run recently made a collaboration with a project called Human Park. This resulted in the creation of special,’ Zed Head’ skins that are either beautiful or the stuff nightmares are made of, depending on your perspective.

Players can already equip and wear these suits in the Human Park demo client. Interested parties may mint their own suit at, or purchase an already minted one on Open Sea.

New mints cost ETH (0.05) or 875 Zed tokens. There are nine different designs available, and no mint limit, though this mint will only be available for a limited time.

What is Zed Run?

Zed Run is a horse racing simulation game running on the Ethereum blockchain. Players own, breed, and race Horses for fun and potential profit. Races include both paid and free variants, with regular tournaments as well. Races run 24 hours a day, and those who don’t own any Zed Horses can use the new Borrowing system to acquire a loaner horse. Players earn ZED tokens by winning races and spend ZED tokens to enter paid races, breed horses, and acquire Lending Permits.

Read our Zed Run guide for more info.

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