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Riot Racers Launches Marketplace and Details Third Sale


After a slight delay to the original planned release date, Riot Racers announces the opening of their marketplace and details on their third sale. This sale will include 700 Cars, 200 Racetrack Land plots, 18 Mechanic Shops, 3 Gas Stations. Sale opens on August 26th at 11pm UTC.

Riot Racers is a passive, play-to-earn racing game coming soon to the Polygon network. Players not only own and race cars, but can also own pieces of the ecosystem such as mechanics, gas stations, and race tracks. Each of them is of course an NFT, owned by the player. They can trade these freely on the newly launched marketplace.

This sale will take place on the new official marketplace. Players can add items to their cart and reserve them before making a purchase. However, once players put an item in their cart, they’ll have 15 minutes to make the purchase before the system places it back onto the market. Each user will be limited to a maximum of 9 cars, 5 racetrack plots, 1 mechanic shop, and 1 gas station.

The cars for the third sale come in eight varieties of assorted rarity. Perhaps the most interesting of this lot is the Annihilator. Rather than the typical sleek, sporty racing car, with the Annihilator we have a monster truck that looks like it would rather roll over its competition instead of going around them! Prices range from 0.0083 ETH to 0.99 ETH for Legendaries.

Riot Racers cars for third sale

Property Ownership in Riot Racers

NFT assets that provide passive income are a hot commodity. Especially if the words ‘land’ or ‘plot’ are used in the descriptions! Owners of racetrack plots receive a portion of the race entry fees split equally among all owners. Up for grabs during this sale are 200 plots from the Rookie track class named ‘Andretti Circuit’. The track has 445 plots in all. The remaining plots will be sold in a later drop.

Mechanic Shops are needed to install upgrades on cars. Each mechanic shop earns a portion of the funds spent on upgrades. Proceeds are pooled and spread evenly across all Shops. Shop owners receive a Land Baron designation and get a 15% discount when upgrading their cars.

But the most coveted of all the NFTs for Riot Racers is the Gas Station. All cars need gas to race. And anyone who owns a gas station also gets the Gas Baron title. Four Gas Stations are available in this sale, priced at 4.4 ETH apiece. Only twenty Gas Stations total will be created for the Genesis collection.

Game payouts for all ownership items will be in RIOT tokens.

What’s coming for Riot Racers

Can you race already? No, not yet. Riot Racers just launched a first version of their app. The marketplace just launched and the third NFT drop is soon. After that they will launch trading of the RIOT token on Uniswap.

The next big milestone for Riot Racers will then happen in September, when the team will organize the 4th and 5th NFT drop and ultimately launch the alpha test version of the game. Riot Racers will see a public release by the end of this year.

They also plan for additional uses for the RIOT token, including staking and governance.

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