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Gala Games Launches Champions Arena

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This week we have a new web3 game launch from Gala Games as Champions Arena moves out of beta and into live status! Players can now fight their way through the campaign, level up their heroes, and battle their way to the top of the leaderboards with permanently saved progress.

Champions Arena, another title in the Gala Games portfolio, has now had officially launched on the GYRI blockchain. Available on mobile devices (both Android and iOS), as well as on PC through the Gala Games launcher, Champions Arena is a semi-casual, team-fighting game with many familiar features

Champions Arena is free to play. Anyone with a Gala Games account can download and install the game and begin playing right now!

Players who participated in the alpha will receive some in-game resources once they complete the opening tutorial. Champions Arena includes an auto-battle system (once you get past the first 5 campaign challenges) which makes grinding through those earlier campaign levels much less of a chore.

Varnas abilities for Champions Arena

NFTs in Champions Arena

Champions Arena recently held a sale for their Champion Box, chests containing random NFT Champions. Those are all sold out, though you can find Champions and other items on the secondary markets.

But you don’t need to own any NFTs to play Champions Arena. The game is free, and open to everyone. Players can find all of the Champions in-game. Owning NFTs just gives the owning players a bit of a head start. It also allows them to earn points by playing in the Arena. Only those using NFT Champions to fight will be able to play and earn from the Arena leaderboard. But Champions Arena does plan to implement an NFT rental system by the end of the year.

In addition, Champions Arena offers Scrolls of Minting, which can be used to convert in-game Champions into NFTs. Scrolls of Minting can be purchased for $50, or earned through success in the Arena.

To use their purchased NFTs in-game, players will need to migrate them to the GYRI chain and lock them to make them accessible in the game.

What is Champions Arena?

Champions Arena is a turn based, team combat, strategy game. Players field teams of up to four Champions and face off against their opponent. The Champions take turns performing attacks and actions until only one team is left. Players draw a hand of skill cards to start the game and an additional card each turn. Multiple copies of these cards can be combined to create a stronger card, adding an additional layer of strategy to the game.

Champions Arena includes a quest system with daily, weekly, and seasonal quests, a battle pass, idle rewards, passive missions, equipment, Champion summoning and dismantling, a PvP arena, and various other activities!

Champions Arena is part of the Gala Games ecosystem. To learn more about Gala Games and Champions Arena, follow them on Twitter, join their Discord, and visit their website.

Champions Arena - abilities for Durax
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