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Gala Games Launches Gala Art with Frank Miller

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Blockchain gaming company Gala Games has unveiled their new Gala Art initiative, and partnered with legendary comic book creator Frank Miller. Miller’s debut NFT series will also mark the 30th anniversary of Sin City, probably his most iconic creation. NFTs from the Gala Art initiative are different from other NFTs, because their ecosystem is designed to be cross-chain compatible.

Details on the cross-chain abilities of the Gala Art NFTs by Frank Miller, are not yet known. On the official website Gala Games mentioned that the Gala Art Initiative ‘seeks to redefine the space by bringing NFTs that last to the collectors market’. Technical details aren’t available.

Most NFTs exist only on one blockchain, and bridging one NFT from one blockchain to the other is quite challenging. However, it’s not something that’s unheard of. Recently Aavegotchi moved their gotchi ghosts from Polygon to Ethereum, which is possible because both are EVM compatible.

Gala Games has already partnered with Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. In addition their ecosystem mainly uses Ethereum so far. Therefore it would make sense if they would explore cross-chain NFTs for EVM compatible blockchains as well. For Gala Art they would need to create a decentralized hosting mechanism, which will probably utilize IPFS or an early version of the Gala Network itself.

What is Gala Games?

Gala Games is a blockchain gaming company that currently has more than four games under its wings. Town Star is a competitive farming simulation game that’s already live. Every week players compete for prizes paid in GALA tokens. Winners can then use these tokens to acquire new NFTs that boost their Town Star performance, or ones they can use in other games.

Mirandus is probably the biggest game Gala Games is working on. This will be an open-world role playing game in which players are adventurers, builders, farmers, traders, thieves and so on. There’s an entire economy where farmers own cows, inns need milk, the butcher needs meat, but these farmers also need food. So there are other players growing grain, corn and other vegetables. You see where this is going, things can get quite complex.

Their third game is a tower defense game called Fortified, while they didn’t reveal their fourth game yet. However, early screenshots seem to indicate that they are now moving into space.

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